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Kindergarten Writing Activities

Both of my children initially preferred to use all uppercase letters. The following fun activities can assist a child in recognizing and forming letters correctly:

List of Kindergarten Writing Activities

  • Complete Handwriting Worksheets.
    We offer free handwriting worksheets to help a child practice writing each letter correctly. Make sure your child is holding the pencil correctly, has good posture and forms each letter properly, please read our handwriting article which discusses this in more detail.
  • Play a game.
    If you are feeling creative, use a poster board or piece of paper and draw a path. Next, have your child fill it with the letters of the alphabet (both upper- and lowercase letters). Grab a die and pawns from another game and begin playing. When your child lands on the letter have him say the letter and if interested trace it with his finger or write it on a piece of paper for a bonus roll.
  • Write labels.
    Using the sentence strips have your child write labels for items in your home. We incorporated this technique while organizing our daughter’s messy bedroom. We purchased small bins. Our daughter made the labels for each bin (e.g. Barbie dolls, polly pockets, etc.).
  • Keep a journal.

    It’s the perfect exercise to practice writing the letters of the alphabet and to work on retelling your experiences and putting them into words and onto paper. You can buy a journal or print out our kindergarten writing template. Use a three ring binder or staple your writings together for the perfect keepsake.

  • Make a book.
    Using the kindergarten writing template above or just a plain piece of white paper, let your child make an ABC book, each page represents a letter. Your child can write both the upper- and lower case letters and then illustrate each page by drawing a picture. Consider labeling the picture or adding sentences.
  • Create a character book.
    Using the kindergarten writing template above or a piece of paper, write a book using your favorite characters, e.g., SpongeBob Goes to New York City or Dora Visits My Grandma.
  • Make a shopping list.
    Using the sentence strips, let your child assist you with the shopping list. Have him write some of the items you need (e.g. eggs, milk and apples).
  • Practice writing using nonconventional methods.
    Have your child practice writing in shaving cream or pudding (on a piece of wax paper). Use a wet sponge or chalk, to form letters on the sidewalk.
  • Write a letter.
    Have your child write a letter to your parents, a cousin, a friend, a teacher, neighbor or someone oversees.
  • Read a story and rewrite the ending.
    Let the creative juices flow. Encourage your child to rewrite the ending to one of her favorite stories. If she struggles, ask questions to help her generate writing ideas.
  • Make a favorite list.
    Using the sentence strips, create a list of favorite items, e.g., movies, music, toys, games, names, foods, animals, colors, teacher, vacations or things to do.

Consider performing quarterly handwriting assessments to track a child’s progress.

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