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More Less or Equal

Many early elementary curriculums require a child to be able to identify and create sets of objects with more, less and equal. Both of my children were expected to master this concept by the end of kindergarten.

  • More – describes an amount greater than another.
  • Less – describes an amount smaller than another.
  • Equal – describes exactly the same amount as another.

More Less or Equal Worksheets

We created the following worksheets which provide the perfect exercises that help a child identify sets of objects with more, less and equal amounts. Playing with food, e.g., cheerios or small objects, e.g., marbles is another great way to reinforce the concepts of more less and equal amounts.

More-Less-Worksheet-1 More-Less-Worksheet-2 More-Less-Equal-Worksheet-3 More-Less-Worksheet-4
More-Less-Worksheet-5 More-Less-Equal-Worksheet-6 More-Less-Worksheet-7

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