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Alphabet Coloring Pages

Alphabet coloring pages and alphabet worksheets are fun activities that assist your child in learning the name, shape and common sound for the letters of the alphabet. By the end of kindergarten, most children know the names of all the letters of the alphabet and can match both upper- and lowercase letters as well as some common sounds.

ABC Coloring Pages

We created 60 ABC coloring pages; just click on the image to obtain a PDF file. When possible, encourage your child to say each letters name and common sound, e.g., the letter c says /k/ like in cat or the letter x says /ks/ like in box.

Letter-A--Coloring-Page Letter-A-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-B--Coloring-Page Letter-B--Coloring-Page-2
Letter-B--Coloring-Page-3 Letter-C--Coloring-Page Letter-C--Coloring-Page-2 Letter-D-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-D-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-D-Coloring-Page-3 Letter-E-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-E-Coloring-Page-2
Letter-F-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-F-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-F-Coloring-Page-4 Letter-G-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-G-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-H-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-H-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-I-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-I-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-J-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-J-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-K-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-K-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-K-Coloring-Page-3 Letter-K-Coloring-Page-4 Letter-L-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-L-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-M-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-M-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-M-Coloring-Page-3
Letter-N-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-N-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-O-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-O-Coloring-Page-2
Letter-P-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-P-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-P-Coloring-Page-3 Letter-Q-Coloring-Page-1
Letter-Q-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-R-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-R-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-R-Coloring-Page-3
Letter-S-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-S-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-T-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-T-Coloring-Page-2
Letter-U--Coloring-Page-1 Letter-U--Coloring-Page-2 Letter-V-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-V-Coloring-Page-2
Letter-W-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-W-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-X-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-X-Coloring-Page-2
Letter-Y-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-Y-Coloring-Page-2 Letter-Z-Coloring-Page-1 Letter-Z-Coloring-Page-2

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