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3rd Grade Words

Many schools implement vocabulary instruction in either third or fourth grade; they provide students with a list of words to learn.

3rd Grade Vocabulary Words

Our school introduced the following 150 vocabulary words in third grade. Each lesson contained 10 words and numerous exercises to reinforce the meaning of each word. They also have 15 spelling words that focus on commonly used 3rd grade words, spelling pattern and chunk words, and personal words (words a student can read but has a difficult time spelling). For a list of spelling words, please visit our 3rd grade spelling words section.

act feature prank
additional finicky primary
adopt flutter process
advice foul promote
amazing fright rate
ambition frustrate recreation
arctic govern regret
arouse gradual rely
arrange graduate resident
attitude grasp respect
attract gulf responsible
auction gust reverse
average habit rig
bold haste risk
border hinge rod
cable hint scar
calendar individual scatter
carnival infection schedule
cathedral influence series
cell injure shaft
chasm intelligent signal
coast interval snuggle
cocoon jet solution
confess jogged span
contain landmark spine
continent launch starve
convey league steer
court limit stress
credit malice structure
crew marine suitable
crumple marsh surrender
cunning memorize survey
current mental tackle
cylinder method talent
dangle milestone tentacles
deed misery theory
defend moist thrill
device mystify thrive
diagram nation timber
digest nectar tournament
division novel trail
doze nursery transparent
drift opposite urge
elect ordeal vacant
enable outcome vanish
event pastime version
examine pattern vessel
experience pause vigorous
fan plateau vision
fatal positive volunteer

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