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Prefix Non-

The prefix, non-, indicates not.

Words with the Prefix Non-

Word Definition
nonchalant showing or having a relaxed manner
free from concern or excitement
(n. – nonchalance )
noncombatant (1) a member of the of the armed forces whose duties do not include fighting, e.g., surgeon or chaplain
(2) a person who is not in the armed services
noncommissioned not commissioned, applies especially to military officers, as sergeants and corporals, ranking below warrant officer
noncommittal not revealing decisions or thoughts
nonconformist person who does not behave according
to generally accepted standards or customs
nondairy containing no dairy;
a substitute for milk or milk products
nondescript having no special interesting characteristics;
not easily described
nonentity something or someone of no importance
nonessential not necessary; something that is not essential
nonexistent not real; a thing that has no existence
nonfat without fat or fat solids; having the fat solids
removed, e.g., skim or nonfat milk
nonfiction writing that is not made up; a true story
about facts or real events
nonflammable not easy to set on fire
nonhuman not human; not displaying the emotions, sympathies, intelligence, etc., of most human beings
or not intended for consumption by humans
nonliving not living
nonpartisan not supporting one party or side over another
nonperishable able to be stored for a long time
without spoiling; not perishable
nonpoisonous not poisonous
nonprofit not existing or done to make profit
nonrenewable not restored or replaced by natural
processes in a short period of time
nonresident not living in a certain place;
a person who does not live in a certain place
nonsectarian not limited to a particular religious group
nonsense foolish or meaningless words, ideas or actions
nonsensical making no sense; absurd
nonsmoker a person who does not smoke tobacco
nonsmoking reserved for the use of nonsmokers
nonstandard different from or lower in quality than what is typical
nonstop being without a single stop enroute; happening, done or held without a stop or pause, not offering relief or respite
nontoxic not of, relating to, or caused by a
toxin or poison; nonpoisonous
nonverbal not using words, e.g., nonverbal communication

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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