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Sight Word Games: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This birthday activity can also be used in a classroom or at home to introduce or review sight words. What better way to obtain a sight word vocabulary than with a donkey and blindfold! We prefer to use tape over a pin when attempting to attach the tail to the donkey.

Make Pin the Tail on the Donkey Sight Word Game

This fun game can incorporate sight words in a number of ways. A word can be displayed on the donkey or each tail can contain a sight word instead of a name or number.

Donkey – Blank Donkey – Sight Word
Donkey Tails
– Sight Words
Donkey Tails
– Blank

Play Tape the Tail on the Donkey (Sight Word version)

This classical birthday party game is ideal for young children.

  • Using the templates above, print out a donkey and its tails.
  • Mount the donkey image to the wall, preferably at a child’s eye level.
  • Cut out each tail and put a piece of tape on the end.
  • The youngest player goes first.
  • Spin the blindfolded player around in a circle three times.
  • Make sure she is facing the donkey and then set her free.
  • The player whose tail is closest to the bullseye wins.

Instead of using a blindfold, consider converting an old pair of sunglass by covering the lens with construction paper. For more game ideas, visit our sight word games section.

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