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Size Adjectives

Size is defined as the amount of space occupied by someone or something; it describes how large or small someone or something is.

List of Size Adjectives

The following list contains common adjectives that are often used to describe the size of someone or something.

Size Adjectives

baby illimitable scrawny
beefy immeasurable short
big immense sizable
bony infinitesimal skeletal
boundless lanky skimpy
brawny large skinny
broad lean slender
bulky life-size slim
chunky limitless small
colossal little squat
compact mammoth stocky
corpulent massive stout
cosmic meager strapping
cubby measly sturdy
curvy microscopic tall
elfin mini teensy
emaciated miniature teeny
endless minuscule teeny-tiny
enormous minute teeny-weeny
epic narrow thick
expansive obese thickset
extensive outsized thin
fat oversize tiny
fleshy overweight titanic
full-size paltry towering
gargantuan petite trifling
gaunt pint-size trim
giant plump tubby
gigantic pocket-size undersized
grand portly underweight
great pudgy unlimited
heavy puny vast
hefty rotund wee
huge scanty whopping
hulking scraggy wide

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