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Winter Activities for Kids


It’s that time of year when many of us switch gears as we prepare for cold weather. Without winter and its 4 months of bitter cold, I could not thoroughly appreciate the wonders and warmth spring brings. Below please find some fun activities to keep your little ones busy this winter season.

Winter Coloring Pages

We created free coloring pages to help you celebrate winter with your children or students.

Winter-2 Winter-3 Winter-4
Winter-5 Winter-6 Winter-7

Winter Tips

Here are some tips to keep you warm and healthy this winter this winter.

  • Combat the common cold. Make sure your children (and you too) take a multivitamin, get plenty of rest and drink a lot fluids (preferably H2O). Obviously, we should do this every day but it is especially beneficial when combating the common cold.

  • Do not let the dry air get you. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and ease throat discomfort. Gargling with warm water and a teaspoon of salt also helps moisten a throat.

  • Stay warm with layers. Unless you are going to the North Pole or outside for an extended period of time, three layers are ideal, e.g. a long sleeve and flannel shirt and a coat. Do not forget your hat, gloves, warm socks and boots – they protect the areas prone to frost bite and that lose the most heat.

  • Keep the outdoors out. Designate an area near your entryway for your shoes, coat and umbrellas. The key to a clean floor is not tracking the outdoors in so take off your shoes!

  • Double down on New Year’s Eve. Turn all the clocks ahead a few hours so your children can ring in the new year with pots and pans at “midnight” (aka 9:00PM) and then go to bed at their designated bedtime. You and your spouse can ring in the New Year alone (after you change all the clocks back). This will require some effort but it may be worth it especially if your children are not cranky the next day – priceless!

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