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Positional Words and Directional Words

Directions provide assistance in pointing out the proper route. Position defines placement or arrangement in an order (e.g. first, second, third). The position of an object is also referred to as ordinal numbers.

Knowledge about directional or positional words as well as ordinal numbers enhances a child’s ability to give and follow directions as well as to speak precisely. One of the skills a child should master in kindergarten is the ability to describe the location of an object using positional or directional words. Our kindergarten teachers recommended working on the following words:

above after before behind between
bottom front middle under top

Using objects such as a stuff animal or doll, help your child grasp these words by putting them in various positions. For example, put the doll after the stuffed animal. Another great activity is to point out items throughout your home, e.g. the cat is under the chair.

Positional and Directional Words

The positional and direction words in the table below are presented in alphabetical order.

above after around before beginning
behind below beside between bottom
down end far finish front
in inside left middle near
next to off on out outside
over right start through top
under up upside down

Many of the words noted above are also sight words. In fact, almost half of these words are included on Dolch’s sight word list.

Directional & Positional Worksheets

We created 14 free directional and positional worksheets to help your child learn these words. When possible, each worksheet provides an opportunity for a child to practice writing the word as well as a fun activity to reinforce its meaning.

Directional & Positional Worksheets (PDF) Directional & Positional Words
Worksheet 1 on, off, above, below, in, out, near,
far, before, after, left & right
Worksheet 2 on, off, in, out, above, below, left,
right, before, after, over & under
Worksheet 3 over, under, near, far,
before, after, left & right
Worksheet 4 top & bottom
Worksheet 5 top, middle & bottom
Worksheet 6 left, between & right
Worksheet 7 start & finish
(go & stop are included too)
Worksheet 8 above & below
Worksheet 9 front & middle
Worksheet 10 inside & outside
Worksheet 11 before & after
Worksheet 12 next to, between & end
Worksheet 13 upside down
Worksheet 14 on, off, under & over

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