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Kindergarten Writing Ideas

Kindergarten writing should be done in a risk free environment where a child’s work is not corrected by an adult and emphasis is placed on encouraging a child to use both pictures and words to tell a story.

Our kindergarten writing program contains guided and group lessons. Our teacher models a writing sample and then each child independently creates her own sample. This template is ideal; a child can draw a picture at the top of the page and then write about it below. Use each writing sample as a baseline to measure a child’s progress in writing throughout his kindergarten school year.

Kindergarten Writing for Personal Expression

When a child writes for personal expression, she is writing about herself. This piece of writing is from her point of view so it should contain the word, “I.”

Let each student select their own writing ideas. If a child struggles with writers block, ask questions, e.g., what did you do this weekend? Our kindergarten teacher did not give either of my children topics to write about; instead, they were encouraged to select their own topics based on personal experiences.

In November, my daughter independently completed the following writing samples (after a group lesson and modeling by the teacher, of course).

My daughter wrote, “I youst to liv in phlodfa
it was fon in phlodfa in my old Home”
Translation: I used to live in Philadelphia.
It was fun in Philadelphia in my old home.

Kindergarten Writing to Inform

This type of writing tells the reader about something; it’s nonfiction.

In February, my daughter drew this picture which accompanied the following statement: “I no about sckowl sckowl is abat lerning. in sckowl you haf to be neys.” Translation: I know about school. School is about learning. In school, you have to be nice.

Assist your child in spelling unknown words. Each word should have a beginning, middle and ending. In the early stages, a child represents sounds with letters but may most likely misspell the words, this is known as inventive spelling.

Kindergarten Writing – Publish a Book

In our kindergarten program, the final writing assignment is published. Each student draws a picture and writes about it. All of the writing pieces are compiled together to create a book. Both of my children published two different books with the following titles:

  • I wish I had a pet …
  • When I grow up I want to be ….

A kindergarten writing program should place emphasis on what a child wants to write not on how to properly write it. Help your child select her own ideas to write about by asking questions.

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