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Word Wall – Reading and Writing

Word Wall – Reading and Writing

In primary- grade classrooms, many educators prominently display a list of target words that are commonly found in printed material. An ideal reading and writing wall word displays sight words, phonograms and irregular words.

Sight words would entail the high frequency or most common English words. A phonogram is a fancy word for rime; the following examples are common rhymes: _at, _ed, _it, _op & _ug . Irregular words are phonetically irregular; they do not follow typical spelling or phonics rules. If applicable, include those words students tend to misspell in the writing exercises.

Word Wall

The table below contains a list of reading and writing words that are ideal for a word wall in primary- grades.

I one up come answer
the word out part are
and had time little father
cat but two new listen
bag were look light top
say we like line hide
hill said has sock sent
of tip more year care
you wing pail give came
was ink rain most jump
pin there seed very picture
are Sam rug after mother
with how duck low live
bed you number Bob door
tell hot people him country
cap map first again must
him bank who they turn
this cake down want different
have Jack find old page
from will did four kind

Word Wall Instruction

The above word wall list contains sight words, phonograms and common rhymes. A word wall develops throughout the school year. The words selected depend upon the students and the decoding and spelling skills being taught. In general, select five words a week that coincide with the lesson plans. Work with these words every day to build automaticity and fluency in reading and writing. Using a wall word is a great tool to help a child learn to read and write.

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