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Clip Word

Clipped words are words shortened by common use; they are a shortened abbreviation of a word, which makes them easier to spell and write.

List of Clip Words

The list below contains 95 clipped words.




ad advertisement margarine oleomargarine
alum alumni mart market
auto automobile math mathematics
bike bicycle memo memorandum
bra brassiere mend amend
bro brother mike microphone
burger hamburger miss mistress
bus omnibus mod modern
bust burst movie moving pictures
butt buttocks mum chrysanthemum
cab cabriolet pants pantaloons
caf cafeteria pen penitentiary
calc calculus pep pepper
canter Canterbury gallop perk percolate
cent centum perk perquisite
champ champion phone telephone
chem chemistry photo photograph
chemist alchemist pike turnpike
clerk cleric plane airplane
coed coeducational student pop popular
con convict pro professional
co-op cooperative prof professor
copter helicopter prom promenade
cuke cucumber quake earthquake
curio curiosity ref referee
deb debutante rev revolution
deli delicatessen scram scramble
doc doctor specs spectacles
dorm dormitory specs specifications
drape drapery sport disport
exam examination stereo stereophonic
fan fanatic still distill
fax facsimile sub submarine
flu influenza tails coattails
fridge refrigerator taxi taxicab
gab gabble teen teenager
gas gasoline tie necktie
gater alligator trig trigonometry
grad graduate trump triumph
gym gymnasium tux tuxedo
hack hackney typo typographical error
hippo hippopotamus van caravan
iron flatiron varsity university
jet jet aircraft vet veteran
lab laboratory vet veterinarian
limo limousine wig periwig
lube lubricate zoo zoological garden
lunch luncheon

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

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  • Rhino a clip word.

  • Taxicab is Taxicabriolet..

  • the clip word trigonometry is trigo.

  • bike also for motorbike
    con also for convention, conference or congress
    gym also for gymnastics
    op for operational or operative in many more compounds

    bit originally binary digit
    cello for violoncello
    chimp for chimpanzee
    congrats for congratulations
    hex for hexadecimal
    pram for perambulator
    promo for promotion
    tab for tabulator

  • Fax – facsimile
    Cab- cabinet
    Lab- laboratory

  • Thank you

  • Clipped word for kilogram


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