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What is a Collocation?

A collocation is two or more words that are frequently used together, e.g., catch a cold. The combination of these words sounds normal to a native English speaker who typically learns collocations when learning to talk. Whereas, these combinations may be unnatural to English Language Learners (ELL or ESL); they will most likely need to be taught collocations through explicit instruction.Common Collocations

The table below contains a list of common collocations, specifically related to the following words: break, catch, come, do, get, go, have, keep, make, pay, save and take.

breakbreak a habit
breakbreak a leg
breakbreak a promise
breakbreak a record
breakbreak a window
breakbreak someone's heart
breakbreak the ice
breakbreak the law
breakbreak the news
breakbreak the rules
catchcatch a ball
catchcatch a cold
catchcatch a movie
catchcatch a train
catchcatch a crook
catchcatch a bus
catchcatch a chill
catchcatch a thief
catchcatch fire
catchcatch sight of
catchcatch someone's attention
catchcatch someone's eye
catchcatch the flu
comecome close
comecomes complete with
comecome early
comecome first
comecome into view
comecome last
comecome late
comecome on time
comecome prepared
comecome right back
comecome to a compromise
comecome to a decision
comecome to an agreement
comecome to an end
comecome to a standstill
comecome to terms with
comecome under attack
dodo damage
dodo research
dodo justice
dodo harm
dodo business
dodo nothing
dodo someone a favor
dodo the cooking
dodo the housework
dodo the shopping
dodo your best
dodo your best
dodo your hair
dodo your homework
getget a job
getget angry
getget divorced
getget frightened
getget home
getget lost
getget married
getget permission
getget pregnant
getget ready
getget started
getget the impression
getget the message
getget upset
getget wet
getget worried
gogo abroad
gogo astray
gogo to bed
gogo bald
gogo bankrupt
gogo blind
gogo crazy
gogo deaf
gogo fishing
gogo mad
gogo missing
gogo on foot
gogo online
gogo out of business
gogo overseas
gogo quiet
gogo sailing
gogo to war
havehave a headache
havehave lessons
havehave an operation
havehave a baby
havehave a party
havehave breakfast
havehave fun
havehave a break
havehave a drink
havehave a good time
havehave a problem
havehave a relationship
havehave lunch
havehave sympathy
keepkeep a diary
keepkeep a secret
keepkeep a promise
keepkeep an appointment
keepkeep calm
keepkeep control
keepkeep in touch
keepkeep quiet
keepkeep the change
makemake preparations
makemake a decision
makemake a discovery
makemake a call
makemake a noise
makemake a promise
makemake a complaint
makemake progress
makemake an effort
makemake a comment
makemake a suggestion
makemake a list
makemake a connection
makemake a difference
makemake a mess (made a mess)
makemake a mistake
makemake money
makemake progress
makemake room
makemake trouble
paypay a fine
paypay attention
paypay by credit card
paypay cash
paypay interest
paypay someone a compliment
paypay someone a visit
paypay the bill
paypay the price
paypay your respects
savesave electricity
savesave energy
savesave money
savesave one's strength
savesave someone a seat
savesave someones life
savesave it
savesave space
savesave time
savesave yourself
taketake a bath
taketake lessons
taketake a test
taketake a look
taketake a picture
taketake a exam
taketake a break
taketake a break
taketake a chance
taketake a rest
taketake a seat
taketake a taxi
taketake notes
taketake someone's place
taketake someone's temperature

If we missed a common collocation, please use our comment section below to let us know.

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  • Hi,
    All of the “to run” collocations are missing: run out, run on, run-on sentence, run into, runaround, run at, run a business, run a car, run the show, run a classroom, run a school, run a store, run a restaurant, run a department, run the government, run your life, run his life, run the organization, run into the ground, run your mind, run your mouth, run the water, run the refrigerator, run the dishwasher…

    I can’t think of more at the moment, but I’m sure there must be. Love your site.


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