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3rd Grade Spelling Words

Our school implemented a new 3rd grade spelling program. Each child will select fifteen spelling words from the following three categories.

  • Personal Words: Five words a student misspells on her writing assignments. If words are needed, she selects from a word bank – focusing on words she can read but typically misspells.
  • Spelling Pattern and Chuck Words: Five words are selected that promote sound recognition, spelling patterns and chunks.
  • Classroom Words: Five words are chosen that are commonly used in the classroom.

Third Grade Spelling Words

Each child will have different personal and spelling pattern/chunk words. This spelling program selects words that are meaningful to our children; the intent is to create a desire to learn how to spell them correctly.

Lesson 1: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern Long E Words Classroom Words
believe behind compose
build prettier answer
caught decided justice
country friendly common
different increase decompose

Lesson 2: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern EA Spelling Words Classroom Words
community ready government
confusion heard service
decided wear motion
discover reasons engaged
especially creativity equality

Lesson 3: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern -_R Words Classroom Words
government * diaper (er) gravity
especially* earlier (er) together
hopeless thirty (ir) provide
problem secure (ur) equal
lovable comfort (or) feature

* spelled these words incorrectly on the last spelling test

Lesson 4: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern -Plurals Words Classroom Words
exciting countries informed
unhappiness libraries responsible
whether elections collaborate
prettiest butterflies election
independent machines considerate

Lesson 5: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern ED Suffix Words Classroom Words
behavior collapsed geography
explore scrambled multiply
United (United States) stumbled engineering
attention expanded geographic
molecule terrified regions

Lesson 6: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern Compound Words Classroom Words
diamonds scatterbrain technologies
skinny buttermilk design
frighten afterthought sources
climbed headache present
which motorcycle metacognition *

* Metaconition – n. thinking about one’s own mental process.

Lesson 7: Spelling Words

They did not have any classroom words this week.

Personal Words Pattern Long I
incredible compromise
boughs identify
education microphone
physical assignments
magenta revised

Lesson 8: Spelling Words

They did not have any classroom words this week.

Personal Words Pattern -ING Words
physical struggling
education forgiving
discussion compromising
analyze announcing
formulate complimenting

Lesson 9: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern -LY & -Y Suffix Words Classroom Words
responsibilities suspiciously environment
especially meaningfully characteristics
bacteria seriously denominator
invented decidedly perspective
beautiful normally temperature

Lesson 10: Spelling Words – Homophones

This spelling lesson focused on homophones. Each student must choose 5 sets of homophones for a total of 10 spelling words. She/he should select words that they commonly misuse, e.g., its and it’s or there, they’ve or their.

Lesson 11: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern Hard & Soft C Words Classroom Words
responsibilities circumstances quadrilateral
organization cinnamon opportunity
contraction considerate conclusion
adjectives certificate sequence
experience California elaboration

Lesson 12: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern Hard & Soft G Words Classroom Words
chaotic geographic definitions
strategies dangerous liters
ostrich gorgeous resources
onomatopoeia biography kilograms
multiplication generous reproduce

Lesson 13: Spelling Words

Personal Words Pattern /aw/ & /au/ Words Classroom Words
strategies awesomeness decision
multiplication auction disagree
resources awkward interval
relevant auditorium elaboration
malfunction authority quantity

Our 3rd grade spelling program occurs over a two week period. During the early part of the 1st week, children will compile their spelling list. Each child needs to submit 5 spelling pattern or chunk words (Monday night homework). During school, they will compile of long list of words. Each student will select 5 spelling pattern or chunk words. The content words will be the same for all students but the personal words will be unique to each student based on their writing assignments. On Wednesday, spelling lists are finalized and spelling homework begins.

During the 2nd week of spelling, students continue to practice spelling words for homework. On Thursday, students practice spelling words in class and each student takes a spelling “check-up” on Friday.

The teachers will NOT conduct a formal spelling test but rather instruct the children to find their spelling buddy. Two students will administer a spelling test to each other. If a child misspells a word, she can take the test again. After the second attempt, if there are any misspelled words, these words will be carried over to next week’s spelling words. The goal of this spelling program is to give children learning experiences and strategies that will assist them in remembering how words are spelled.

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

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