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Prefixes Pro

The prefix, pro-, indicates approving, in favor of, for, forward or positive.

Prefixes for Pro-

Word Definition
probable something likely to happen (n. – probability, adv.- probably)
proceed to go forward or onward: advance
procession a group of individuals moving along in an orderly way
proclaim to announce publically; declare (n. – proclamation)
procrastinate to put off something that should be done
procure to obtain
produce to bring forth; yield (n. – production)
profess to declare openly
proffer to offer
proficient very good at doing something
profound having or showing great knowledge and understanding
profuse very plentiful (n. – profusion)
progress the act of moving towards a goal
(n. – progression, adj. – progressive)
prohibit to forbid or make impossible (n. – prohibition)
project to send or throw forward
(n. – projectile, projection, projector)
prolong to make longer than usually or expected
promote to move up in position or rank (n. – promotion)
pronounce to say correctly (n. – pronouncement)
propel to push or cause to move usually forward
or onward (n. – propeller, propulsion)
propensity a natural tendency to do or favor something
proportion a balanced or pleasing arrangement
propose stating or putting forward; a suggestion to be thought over
and talked about (n. – proposal, proposition)
prospect likely to become or come about (adj. – prospective)
protest to complain strongly about or to declare positively; assert
protract to make longer
provoke to cause to become angry; to bring about
(n. – provocation, adj. – provocative)

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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