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Numbers Prefixes

Prefixes are small but meaningful groups of letters that when added to the beginning of a word contributes to its meaning. Numbers prefixes tell you how many there are of a particular thing.

Numbers Prefix

The list below contains prefixes expressing number.

deci-tenth part; 1/10decimeter, decigram, deciliter & decimal
centi-hundredth part; 1/100centimeter, centigram & centiliter (Note: Cent- is a shorten from of centi,which means one hundredth)
milli-thousandthmillimeter, milligram, milliliter, millisecond, millennium, million, millipede (note: in metric system,milli- means thousandth)
micro-one-millionthmicrometer & micro calorie (Note: Also means small: tiny, e.g., microorganism, microcomputer, microscope)
nano-one- billionthnanometer, nanogram & nanosecond (Note: Also means extremely small, e.g., nanoplankton)
pico-one-trillionthpicometer, picogram, picoseconds (Note: Also means very small, e.g., picornavirus)
femto-one-quadrillionthfemtometer, femtosecond & femtojoule
atto-one-quintillionthattometer & attotesla
demi-half or partlydemigod & demitasse
hemi-half or partialhemisphere, hemialgia, hemicycle, hemihedral, hemihydrates, hemiplegia, hemistich & hemimorphic
semi-half, partial or partly; not completesemiannual, semicircle, semi classic, semifinal, semiprofessional, semisoft, semisolid & semisweet
prot-, protofirst, earliest, first in timeprotagonist, protein, proton, prototype, protomartyr; protolithic & protoplasm
mon-, mono-one, single or alonemonk, monarch, monocular, monogamy, monosyllable, monoplane & monopoly
uni-one: singleunicorn, unicycle, uniform, unify, unite & unisex
di-two, twice or doubledigraph, dioxide & diphthong,
tri-threetriangle, tricycle, triceratops, trillion, triple & triplet
quadr-fourquadrangle, quadrant, quadruple
tetra-fourtetrachloride, tetra chord, tetragon, Tetragrammaton, tetrameter & tetra oxide
pent-, penta-fivepentagon, pentathlon, pentacle, pentad, pentameter, pent angular, pentarchy & pentastich
quint-fivequintet, quintuple, quintuplet & quintuplicate
hex-, hexa-sixhexagon, hexagram, hexahedron, hexapod, hexameter & hexose
sex-sixsextet, sextuple, sexagenarian, sexennial, sexpartite, sextet, sextuplet & sextuplicate
hept-, hepta-sevenheptagon, heptahedron, heptarchy, heptastich, heptameter & Heptateuch
sept-sevenSeptember (Lat. 7th month) septennial, septenarius, septet & septuagenarian
oct-, octa- or octo-eightOctober (Lat. 8th month) ,octagonal, octahedral, octahedron, octal, octameter, octave, octavo, octennial, octet, octagon, octane & octopus
ennea-nineenneagon & ennead
non-, nona-ninenonagenarian, nonagon, nonillion, nonillionth & nonuple
nove-nineNovember (Lat. 9th month) & novena
dec-,deca- (also deka & dek)tendecagon, decade, decathlon & decameter
cent-hundred; 100th cent, centennial & century (Note: Cent- is a shorten from of centi,which means one hundredth)
hect-, hecto-one hundredhectogram, hectoliter, hectometer, & hectare
kilo-one thousandkilo baud, kilobit, kilocalorie, kilocycle, kilogram, kilohertz, kiloliter, kilometer, kilo parsec, kilo ad, kiloton, kilovolt & kilowatt
myria-ten thousandmyriameter & myriad
mega-one million or largemegawatt, megabyte, megacycle, mega death, mega dose; megahertz & megaton
giga-one billiongigabyte, gigacycle & gigahertz
tera-one trillionterahertz & terameter

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