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Prefix Inter-

The prefix, inter, implies between, among or together.

Words with the Prefix Inter-

Word Definition
interact to do things with other people
interaction the act of doing things with people
interactive designed to be used in a way that
involves the participation of a user
intercede to help settle differences between individuals or groups
intercept to seize, take, or stop before
reaching an intended destination
interchange an act or instance of sharing or exchanging things
interchangeable capable of being used in place of each other
intercom a communication system that
uses a microphone and loudspeaker
intercourse dealings between persons or groups
interdependence the state or quality of depending on one another
interdependent depending on another person
interfere to get in the way of an obstacle,
to meddle; to get involved unwontedly
interference something that gets in the way;
unwanted involvement
interim a period of time between events
interject to put between or among other things
interjection the act of inserting or including something
interlace to unite by or as if by lacing together
interlock to connect or lock together
interlude a period of time or event that comes between others;
a musical composition between parts of
a longer composition or of a drama
intermarriage marriage between members of different groups
intermarry to marry a member of a different group
intermediary a go-between or mediator
intermediate in the middle of a series or between extremes
intermingle to mix together
intermission a short interval between the acts
of a play or parts of a performance
intermittent stopping for a time;
alternately between starting and stopping
international involving two or more nations;
occurring between nations
internet a communication system that connects
computers and database all over the world
interpose to put between two or more things
interracial involves members of different races
interrelate to bring into or have a connection with each other
interrupt to stop or cause to cease,
as in the middle of something
interruption the act of stopping or hindering by getting in the middle
interscholastic existing or carried on between schools
intersect to cut or divide by passing through or across
intersection the place or point where two or
more things cross each other
intersperse to put something here and there among other things
interstate existing or occurring between two or more states
interstellar existing or taking place among the stars
intertwine to twist or weave together
interval a period of time between a point or events;
a space between things
intervene to come or occur between events, places or points of time
intervention to take action about something
in order to effect the outcome
interview to question and talk with; to get information
interweave to twist or weave together; to blend together

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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