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Prefixes E- and Ex-

The prefixes, e- and ex-, indicates out, away, out of or outside. Note: the prefix ex- can also mean former, e.g., ex-president.

Words with the Prefix E- and Ex-

Word Definition
eave the lower edge of a roof that sticks out past the wall
ebb to flow out or away
eccentric not of the usual or normal kind; out of the norm
edict a command or law given out or made by an authority
efface to blot out completely
eject to force or push out
elaborate to work out in detail
elapse to slip past; go by or away
eliminate to get rid of; do away with (n. elimination)
elope to run away to be married
elude to get away from, to avoid or escape by being quick,
skillful or tricky
elusive eluding clear perception; hard to grasp, catch or remember
emanate to come out from a source; to give off or out
emancipate to set free from control, bondage or slavery
(n. emancipation)
emerge to come out or into view
emigrate to leave one country or region to live in another
(n. emigrant, emigration)
emissary a person sent out on a mission or errand
emission the act of giving off
emit to send out from a source
erase to rub or scrape out; to eliminate completely
erode to wear away, destroy by wearing away (n. erosion)
erupt to burst forth; to break out of (n. eruption)
escape to get away; get free or clear
evacuate to leave or cause to leave a place of danger;
to make empty; empty out
evade to get away from or avoid meeting directly
evict to (force) to leave a place; to expel
exceed to go or be beyond the limit
excel to surpass other
exclaim to speak or cry out
exclude to keep out; to shut out (n. exclusion)
exhale to breathe out, to blow or emit
exhaust to try out all
exile 1. the situation of a person who is forced to leave her country
2. the period of time a person is forced to live away
exit the act of going out of or away from a place; depart
exodus mass exit of people, migration
expand to spread or stretch out; unfold
expanse a wide area or stretch
expel to force out
expend to pay out; spend
expire to breathe out; exhale (n. expiration)
expulsion the act of forcing to leave
export to send a product to another country to sell it
extend to hold out (n. extension)
exterior outer; being on the outer side
exterminate to get rid of; wipe out
external situated on or relating to the outside
extinct no longer in existence; died out (n. extinction)
extinguish to cause to go out
extract to get, pull, or draw out, usually with special
effort, skill, or force (n. extraction)

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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