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Prefix Dis-

The prefix, dis- , implies not; to do the opposite of.

Words with the Prefix Dis-

Word Definition
disability a condition that limits a person’s ability
disable to make incapable or unable
disabled not having the ability to do
certain mental or physical tasks
disadvantage a state or condition that favors someone else
disadvantageous making it harder for a person or thing
to do something or succeed
disagree to have different ideas or opinions;
to be unlike each other, different
disagreeable not pleasant; difficult to get along with
disagreement not being able to agree;
failure to agree; argument
disappear not visible: out of sight; to stop existing
disappearance the act of not being visible or existing
disappoint failure to satisfy a hope or expectation
disappointment unhappiness from the failure
to satisfy a hope or expectation
disapproval not agreeing with someone or something
disapprove to dislike or not agree with someone or something
disarm to make harmless
disarray a confused or messy condition
disassemble to take apart
disband to break up and stop being a group
disbelief refusal, not able to believe
disbelieve to think not to be true or real
discard something thrown away or rejected
discharge to allow to leave or get off; to release
disclaim to deny being part of or responsible for
disclose to make known: revel
disclosure the act of making it known, revelation
discolor to change color typically for the worse
discoloration change of color
discomfort not comfortable
disconcert to make confused and upset
disconnect to undo or break the connection of
discontent not satisfied
discontinue to bring to an end: stop
discord lack of agreement or harmony: conflict
discordant being in disagreement
discount an amount taken off regular price;
to think of as not important
discourage to try to persuade not to do something;
to make less determined, hopeful or confident
discourteous not polite: rude
discourtesy rude behavior
discover to find out, see or learn typically for the first time
discovery finding out or learning for the first time
discredit to cause to seem dishonest or untrue:
loss of reputation or respect
discriminate to unfairly treat a person or
group differently from others
discrimination unfairly treating a person or
group differently from others
disembark to leave or remove from a ship or airplane
disengage to release, detach or become free
disentangle untangle
disfavor disapproval, not being liked
disfigure to spoil the looks of; deform
disfigurement something that spoils the appearance
of a person or thing
disgrace to bring shame to
disgraceful bringing or deserving shame
disgruntled grouchy, angry, annoyed or resentful
disguise to change the looks or sound of
to avoid being recognized
disgust a strong feeling of dislike
dishearten discourage
dishonest not honest or trustworthy
dishonesty being untruthful, lacking honesty
dishonor to bring shame on: disgrace
dishonorable shameful
disillusion to stop having a mistaken belief
that something is good, valuable or true
disinfect to cleanse of germs that might cause disease
disinfectant something that kills germs
disinherit to take away the legal right to receive
money or property from at death
disintegrate to separate or break into smaller pieces
disintegration the process of breaking in to smaller pieces
disinterested not interested
disjointed not clear and orderly
dislike to not like or approve of; hostility
dislocate to displace a bone from its normal
connections with another bone
dislocation the condition of being moved out of a normal location
dislodge to force out of a place of resting or hiding
disloyal failing to support or be true
disloyalty lack of faithfulness or support
dismantle to take completely apart
dismount to get down from something
disobedience failing or refusing to behave as told or taught
disobedient not behaving as told or taught
disobey to refuse or fail to behave as told or taught
disorder to disturb the normal or regular arrangement
disorderly not behaving quietly or well
disorganization lack of order
disorganized not having order
disown to refuse to accept any longer
relationship with or connection to
dispassionate not influenced by strong feeling
or personal involvement
dispatch to send away quickly
dispirited not cheerful or enthusiastic
displace to remove from the usual or proper place
displease to feel unhappy or unsatisfied
displeasure a feeling of dislike
disproportion a marked difference in the size, number or
amount of something as compared to another
disprove to show to be false or wrong
disqualify to make or declare not fit to have, do or take part in
disquiet to make uneasy or worried
disregard to pay no attention to
disrepair the condition of needing to be fixed
disreputable not respectable or honest
disrespect lack of respect
dissatisfaction a feeling of unhappiness or disapproval
dissatisfy to fail to give what is deserved or expected
disservice a harmful unjust or unfair act
dissimilar not similar, different
distaste dislike
distasteful unpleasant
distrust a lack of belief or trust; doubt
disuse lack of use

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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