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Fry’s Sight Words List in Alphabetical Order

Edward Fry and Jacqueline Kress created a sight word list and presented them in frequency of order. They referred to these words as instant words; they should be recognized instantly.

Fry’s Sight Words List – First Hundred

This table contains 100 sight words which represent approximately 50% of all print.

a down is other to
about each it out two
all find its part up
am first like people use
an for long said was
and from look see water
are get made she way
as go make so we
at had many some were
be has may than what
been have more that when
but he my the which
by her no their who
call him not them will
can his now then with
come how number there word
could I of these would
day if on they write
did in one this you
do into or time your

Fry’s Sight Words List – Second Hundred

This table presents the second hundred words. Fry’s 300 sight words represent approximately 65% of all printed material.

after does letter over such
again end line page take
air even little picture tell
also farm live place thing
America follow man play think
animal found me point three
another give mean put through
answer good men read too
any great most right try
around hand mother same turn
ask help move say us
away here much sentence very
back home must set want
because house name should well
before just need show went
big kind new small where
boy know off sound why
came land old spell work
change large only still world
different learn our study year

Fry’s Sight Words List – Third Hundred

This table presents the third hundred words. Fry’s 300 sight words represent approximately 65% of all printed material.

above earth hear never song
add eat high next soon
almost enough idea night start
along every important often state
always example Indian once stop
began eye it’s open story
begin facet keep own talk
being family last paper those
below far later plant thought
between father leave really together
book feet left river took
both few let run tree
car food life saw under
carry four light school until
children girl list sea walk
city got might second watch
close group mile seem while
country grow miss side white
cut hard mountain something without
don’t head near sometimes young

It is recommended to teach sight words that your child will encounter repeatedly. Fry organized his list based on frequency so Fry’s sight words are a great starting point when teaching a child sight words.

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition. Sanfransico, CA: Jossey Bass.

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