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Sight Word Games

Erudition™ helps children learn to read, spell and understand
the most common words in our language.

  • Winner of game of the year, and other awards
  • Perfect for ages 4 and up
  • Upper & lower case letters and their basic phonic sounds (26 cards)
  • Sight words & definitions (284 cards)

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  • Winner of book of the year,
  • Perfect for ages 4 and up
  • Upper & lower case letters and their basic phonic sounds
  • Sight words and positional words,
  • Irregular verbs & common nouns,

Sight Word Games

Automatically recognizing sight words help a child when learning to read. Erudition™, the board game, jump-starts the road to reading by taking players on a fun adventure through literacy land. Erudition™, the activity & coloring book, contains fun activities that help children build basic reading and writing skills.

Sight words are the cornerstone of Erudition™

The sight word game cards represent about 50% of all English text. Game cards are categorized by reading level so children of all ages can play together. The sight word activity & coloring book incorporates over 200 sight words. Through interaction with sight words, new readers enhance their reading skills while playing fun games.

Erudition™ products develops skills for successful reading

  • Teaches children to automatically recognize high frequency words
  • Promotes instant recognition of common phonetically irregular words
  • Provides definitions to foster both vocabulary learning and reading comprehension
  • Provides syllabication to promote word decoding (game cards)
  • Instills confidence to enable reading development