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Sight Word Games

Instantly recognizing sight words is a fundamental building block for emergent readers. Studies have shown that games can provide more effective instruction than traditional teaching methods.

FREE Sight Word Games

We offer numerous ideas to help your child or student obtain a sight word vocabulary.

Online Sight Word Games

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Sight Word Games for Kids

Board Games

They offer the perfect activity to assist a child in developing a sight word vocabulary. While playing an entertaining board game, children can obtain a sight word vocabulary.

  • Board Games
    We provide ideas on creating a game board using sight words. We also offer templates you can print out in lieu of creating your own board.
    Another great game that exposes a child to sight words in a fun and entertaining way. We created numerous bingo cards containing either 9 sight words (beginner) or 25 sight words (more advanced).
  • Hangman
    We created hangman templates using two-, three-, four- and five-letter sight words. This is the perfect activity to do while waiting at a doctor’s office, driving a long distance or just trying to kill some time with a fun educational game!
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    Using sight words, we created tic-tac-toe templates. We also created templates using an alternative play that can be used with 2 or more players. These games are ideal for a classroom, at home or even at a restaurant while waiting for your food (one of our favorite things to do when eating out).

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Card Games

Card games offer repetition which is a key component when developing a sight word vocabulary. Ideally you should review previously taught words on a daily basis. Playing card games allow you to select specific sight words and gradually add new ones as appropriate.

  • Concentration
    Playing concentration has never been more fun! This card game can be played with 2 or more players and the number of sight words can vary depending upon each players reading readiness.
  • Mighty Maid
    Playing card games has never been so educational. This card game is played similar to old maid but we’ve incorporate sight words and slightly altered the maid so she’s mighty (kinda like mighty mouse).
  • Pairs
    This card game is played like Go Fish. Using sight words, a player must obtain two cards containing the same sight word, or a pair. This is a great game that can be used to review previously learned sight words or to introduce new ones.
  • Game Cards
    We created PDF files for 25 high frequency sight words. We offer traditional font and a dotted line font. These cards are ideal when printed on card stock paper, laminated or glued to index cards.

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Indoor Games

We let our creativity loose on these traditional games and added an educational twist. Obtaining a sight word vocabulary does not need to occur through rote memory. Playing fun games holds a child’s interest.

  • Duck, Duck Goose
    You just need some little ducks (aka children), paper and sticky notes (or paper and yarn). We provide various ways to play the game so that each child learns their sight words while having fun.
  • Hot Potato
    No potato is necessary for this game; all you need is a pencil, paper and a brown bag. We offer different ways to play this game to keep it entertaining and educational.
  • Musical Chairs
    Played just like the traditional musical chairs game except you must recognize the sight word to remain seated. Using the ABC song or similar songs increases the educational factor.
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey
    This is another traditional game that can help a child develop a sight word vocabulary. We offer suggestions on different ways to play the game to keep it fun. We also provide templates so you can easily create this game.
  • Simon Says
    Here is another fun game that keeps children moving. We offer different ways to play this game that can include a few or many children.

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Outdoor Games

After you’ve exhausted them outside with fun educational games, curl up on a couch and read a great book – the perfect activity to compliment any sight word lesson! Point out the sight words as you read them, e.g., Look there’s the sight word, the.

  • Hopscotch
    You can quickly create this game outside (it can also be played indoors too). Hopping and reading sight words has never been more fun!
  • Right Light Green Light
    I fondly remember playing this game at the park with both of my children when they were toddlers. When you mix in sight words, you create a fun activity that promotes both running and learning!
  • Red Rover
    Another outdoor activity that can promote instant recognition of sight words while playing a fun game. We highly recommend using streamers in lieu of a human wall.

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Word Searches & Word Puzzles

Word searches and puzzles are great exercises that help a child develop a sight word vocabulary. In addition, many of these exercises provide opportunities to practice each word.

  • Crossword Puzzles
    These puzzles are great to review sight words and to reinforce their definitions.
  • Picture Clues
    This is a great exercise to practice writing each sight word and to work with the individual components (letters) of each word.
  • Sudoku Puzzles
    We created thought provoking Sudoku puzzles using sight words in lieu of numbers. These fun activities help reinforce the letters in each word through a fun yet challenging puzzle.
  • Word Searches
    Locating hidden words is another great exercise that helps reinforce sight words. We offer numerous puzzles ranging from easy to more difficult.

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