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Sight Word Books: Sight Word Reader

This product costs less than $22 and received over 4 stars. It contains 25 small books (5.5 x 5.5 inches) and a workbook. The workbook provides suggestions on how to use the 25 books. It also provides opportunities to practice writing each sight word as well as some fun games.

Sight Word Readers Books

As stated above, this boxed set contains 25 tiny books. Each book offers before, during and after reading strategies. Here are some highlights of each book:

  • Contains 8 pages with simple sentences (mostly 3 or 4 words),
  • Print appears on the same place on each page,
  • Repeats high frequency words,
  • Uses detailed, colorful pictures,
  • Illustrations provide high degree of support,
  • Uses familiar objects and experiences, and
  • Contains useful activities.

Sight Words

Each book introduces two sight words. The Sight Word Readers series include the following fifty sight words:

I ride play my little
look me run a up
that like they help find
here did want one you
what this have we will
see on with can big
for too said funny down
pretty to go at the
are it new two and
in is three get fly

Sight Word Books

The title for the twenty-five books are listed below along with their applicable sight words.

Title Sight Words
Farm Friends I & see
Ride On! ride & on
Play Time play & with
My Bear my & can
Little and Big little & big
City Colors look & for
Me Too! me & too
Run! run & said
That is Funny! a & funny
Up and Down up & down
That Hat that & pretty
Animals like & to
Go, Go they & go
Helpers help & at
Find It! find & the
The Party here & are
I Did It! did & it
New Socks want & new
Sharing one & two
My Dog you & and
Guessing Game what & in
This Is a Peach this & is
Three have & three
Dinner we & get
Fly Away will & fly

This is a great product that assists a child in developing a sight word vocabulary. The workbook is a great addition and they also offer great suggestions for each book to help teach each sight word. The only flaw we found in this product is the size of the workbook but overall, it’s a great product.

Sight word books help children learn to automatically recognize high frequency words and develop a sight word vocabulary.

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