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Third Grade Reading List

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Recommended Reading List

The following books were recommended by our local library for a child entering third grade. They selected books in the following three categories: easy juvenile fiction, fiction and nonfiction. These books are perfect to read during summer break or throughout the school year.

Easy Juvenile Fiction

in alphabetically order

  1. Abuela’s Weave
    By: Omar S. Castañeda

    Book Details:
    Esperanza and her abuela (grandmother) weave tapestries to sell at the market.
    Pages: 32
    ISBN-10: 1880000202
    ISBN-13: 978-1880000205
  2. Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart
    By: Vera B. William

    Book Details:
    Two sisters who are best friends can do anything together!
    Pages: 72
    ISBN-10: 0060571829
    ISBN-13: 978-0060571825

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Fiction Books

in alphabetically order

  1. Babymouse #1: Queen of the World!
    By: Jennifer & Matthew Holm

    Book Details:
    Read about the adventures of a sassy young mouse.
    Pages: 96
    ISBN-10: 0375832297
    ISBN-13: 978-0375832291
  2. Class Clown
    By: Johanna Hurwitz

    Book Details:
    Can the class clown become a perfect student?
    Pages: 98
    ISBN-10: 0812466608
    ISBN-13: 978-0812466607

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Non Fiction Books

in alphabetically order

  • Big Bang! The Tongue-Tickling Tale of a Speck That Became Spectacular
    By: Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano

    Book Details:
    Explains how a tiny speck turned into our universe.
    Pages: 32
    ISBN-10: 1570916187
    ISBN-13: 978-1570916182
  • Dinomania (One Shot)
    By: Mick Manning

    Book Details:
    Look out dinosaur connoisseurs – lots of crafts and activities for all to enjoy!
    Pages: 48
    ISBN-10: 0749647043
    ISBN-13: 978-0749647049
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    Source: Montgomery County Public Libraries, January 2009

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