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Kindergarten News – Month of November

Happy ThanksgivingWelcome to the Second Semester of Kindergarten! Last week began the beginning of our second marking period. In the month of November, our kindergarten class will focus on the sight words to and like. The themes throughout the month will center on fall, family, and Thanksgiving.

As mathematicians, the kindergarteners will focus on counting and exploring numbers, specifically comparing, ordinal, and odd and even numbers.

In language arts, emphasis will continue on beginning sounds, letter and sound identification and sight word recognition. New concepts such as segmenting syllables in words and identifying environmental reading will be introduced. Our teacher encouraged us to work with our child in identifying items in our pantry and refrigerator as well as on boxes and containers.

As writers, students will continue to develop ideas. Students will begin to include letters to represent the sounds in words when writing.

They will also study the attributes of weather (i.e. temperature, precipitation) and learn about important people, symbols and events in our nation.

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