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  • Linda Orcutt January 14, 2013, 4:16 pm

    Is it possible to order the Erudition Sight Word game and workbook with a purchase order?

  • Samantha Keller June 12, 2013, 1:24 pm

    I would like to order the Erudition Sight Word game and workbook to Canada. Paypal doesn’t seem to be allowing it. Is it possible?

  • Pauline July 14, 2013, 6:44 am


    I tried to order Erudition, but it doesn’t seem to allow postage to Australia.

    Is there any way I can purchase it and have it sent here?

    Thank you,

    • dkbossard July 15, 2013, 9:37 am

      Unfortunately, we no longer have any games to sell. Thank you for your interest! Our website offers numerous FREE worksheets, flashcards and game ideas that can assist your child or student in obtaining a sight word vocabulary.

  • Cheryl Riley December 8, 2013, 11:12 am

    I would like information on selling your products in my store

  • Denise Truitt December 8, 2013, 7:34 pm

    I would like to order sight words and bingo game.

    Denise T.

  • Karen McReynolds February 3, 2014, 10:40 am

    We used to be able to play the concentration games on your website. However, now it seems that it isn’t showing up on my screen. Could it be the privacy settings or is there something wrong with your website? I really love using this game with my pre-k class. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Karen McReynolds

  • Cyn March 11, 2015, 7:51 pm

    I didn’t go through all the readings, but I noticed that “t” and “o” in octopus was transposed. Since you are a company I thought I just let you know as this reflects your business.

  • Jennifer Whittaker April 13, 2016, 12:25 pm

    Now I am here at this crossroad. Would love to talk to you! Incredible website!!!!

  • sarah braganza October 10, 2016, 9:39 pm

    dear guys do you have any branch here in the philippines…..i am interested for sigh word bingo.



    • dkbossard November 6, 2016, 3:06 pm

      Sorry, unfortunately we only operate out of the United States.

  • Sherry Whisenhunt April 3, 2018, 12:43 pm

    Do you have D’Nealian Handwriting worksheets for kindergarten? I love the alphabet worksheets. Thanks!