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International Alphabet

The international alphabet is a useful tool when communicating over a radio or phone, e.g., between a pilot and control tower. I am often misunderstood when I relay information over the telephone so I keep an international alphabet cheat sheet in my desk which definitely comes in handy and I always have the person verify the information before getting off the phone.

Letter Word
A Alfa
B Bravo
C Charlie
D Delta
E Echo
F Foxtrot
G Golf
H Hotel
I India
J Juliette
K Kilo
L Lima
M Mike
N November
O Oscar
P Papa
Q Quebec
R Romeo
S Sierra
T Tango
U Uniform
V Victor
W Whiskey
X X-ray
Y Yankee
Z Zulu

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

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