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Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets

Our kindergarten reading program provides a list of 25 sight words. Every child is encouraged to automatically recognize these words by the end of the school year. These words are ideal because they appear frequently in both stories and informational texts. The ability to quickly recognize these 25 sight words will greatly assist a child when reading and writing. Complete the worksheets below.

Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets – List 1

We offer free sight word worksheets to help a child learn the following 25 sight words: I, am, a, see, can, we, the, in, and, go, to, like, said, you, is, it, here, come, up, this, my, look, at, me & on. Ideally these worksheets should be completed in sequential order as they review previous sight words.

Sight Words:
I & Am
Sight Words:
See & A
Sight Words:
Can & We
Sight Words:
The & In
Sight Words:
And & Go
Sight Words:
To & Like
Sight Word: Said Sight Words:
You & Is
Sight Words:
It & Here
Sight Words:
Come & Up
Sight Words:
This & My
Sight Words:
Look & Me
Sight Words:
Me & On

Sight Word Worksheets for Kindergarten – List 2

After your child masters the above kindergarten sight words (list 1), proceed to these worksheets. There are 13 free worksheets that incorporate the following 25 sight words: she, out, no, are, run, was, big, not, they, his, he, little, going, from, will, went, yes, down, have, one, by, with, where, for & of. Similar to the first twenty-five sight words, these words are commonly found in print.

Sight-words-worksheet---big---little Sight-words-worksheet---run Sight-words-worksheet---no---not Sight-words-worksheet---yes---with
Sight Words:
Big & Little
Sight Word: Run Sight Words:
No & Not
Sight Words:
Yes & With
Sight-words-worksheet---where---are Sight-words-worksheet---they---from Sight-words-worksheet---she---was Sight-words-worksheet---he---went
Sight Words:
Where & Are
Sight Words:
They & From
Sight Words:
She & Was
Sight Words:
He & Went
Sight-words-worksheet---by---out Sight-words-worksheet---going---down Sight-words-worksheet---have---for Sight-words-worksheet---his---will
Sight Words:
By & Out
Sight Words:
Going & Down
Sight Words:
Have & For
Sight Words:
His & Will
Sight Words:
One & Of

More Worksheets

Sight-word-worksheets---away-all Sight-word-worksheets---do---has Sight-word-worksheets---what---an Sight-word-worksheets---what---play
Sight Words:
Away & All
Sight Words:
Do & Has
Sight Words:
What & An
Sight Words:
What & Play

Sight Word Worksheets

Writing in a journal is another great exercise to help your child learn sight words. Write the sight words 5 – 10 times and complete the sentences below. Draw a picture and when ready, have your child label it.

List 1 –

Sight Words
Sight Word Sentences
I, am I am ________.
see, a I see a ________.
can, we Can we ________?
the, in We can see the ______ in the ______.
and, go We can go in the ______ and the ______.
to, like I like to go to the _________.
said I said I can see the ________.
you, is You said I can see the ______ is ______.
it, here Here is a ______. It is ______.
come, up Can you come to my ________?
Can you see the ______ up in the ______.
look, at Look at the ________.
me, on Look at me. I am on a ________.
this, my This is my ________.

List 2 –

Sight Words
Sight Word Sentences
she, was She was a ________.
he, went He went to the ________.
by, out She went out _______ by ________ .
big, little This is a big ________.
This is a little _________ .
yes, with Yes, I like to ______ with you .
no, not No, I do not like ______.
going, down I am going down _________.
where, are Where are you going? I am going ________.
they, from They are from ______. Where are you from?
have, for I have a ______ for _______ .
run I like to run to the ________.
his, will This is his. It will ________.
one, of One of my _______ is ________.

Sight word worksheets contain fun exercises that help a child automatically recognize sight words.

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