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\"writing-shortcuts\"Writing shortcuts are very prevalent, they are used in media and everyday communication, e.g., text and emails. Most of us abbreviate or shorten words to communicate more quickly; it aids in saving time, space and energy.

Abbreviations are so widely used in printed material that it is beneficial to be able to write and read the most common ones. The use of an abbreviation aids in saving time, space and energy. Please note abbreviations may vary, specifically with use of periods and capitalization, e.g., mpg, MPG, m.p.g. & Mpg. List of [...]

A text message, commonly referred to as texting, occurs when a brief electronic message is sent over a cellular network often in shorthand, e.g., “TY” for thank you. List of Text Abbreviations, Shorthand and Acronyms Keep your text messaging communication brief and concise by using shorthand, abbreviations and/or acronyms. These shorten words omit letters or [...]

An acronym is a word formed from the first letter or letters of a compound term and pronounced as a word, e.g., SCUBA represents Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Whereas an initialization is pronounced using the letters that it forms, e.g., AKA represents Also Known As. Both acronyms and initializations are formed from the first letter [...]

The word, emoticon, is a portmanteau; it was formed by combining two words: emotion and icon. Emoticons (also called smiley) are created using symbols and letters found on the keyboard and assist in quickly conveying feelings through email, text messaging and other forms of electronic media. List of Emoticon (Smiley) Similar to how we read, [...]