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Word Play

Wordplay or word play is a clever or subtle repartee; a play on words. It uses verbal wit based on the meanings and ambiguities of words, e.g., palindromes or anagrams.

Word Play Puzzles

\"Word-Play\"Word Play 1 \"Word-Play-2\"Word Play 2

\"Task-Test\"My daughter brought this test home and it was quite comical. My highly competitive son, husband and I competed against each other only to find it wasn\’t a race to finish each task but rather read the directions carefully and thoroughly. This is a great test to administer to students prior to taking a test to help them grasp the concept of reading directions thoroughly.

A portmanteau is a word that is derived from blending two or more distinct words, e.g., smog is derived from smoke and fog. In other words, there are two or more meanings (or parts) packed into one word. Portmanteau is also French for a large suitcase. A suitcase has two parts which fold into one [...]

Clipped words are words shortened by common use; they are a shortened abbreviation of a word, which makes them easier to spell and write. List of Clip Words The list below contains 95 clipped words. Clip WordOriginal WordClip WordOriginal Word ad advertisement margarine oleomargarine alum alumni mart market auto automobile math mathematics bike bicycle memo [...]

Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates or suggests a natural sound; it resembles the sound or noise it depicts, e.g., oink, meow. These words greatly assist writers when describing the sounds for actions in both stories and poems. Example of Onomatopoeia We have over 240 onomatopoeias listed below. The word, onomatopoeia, originated from the Greek [...]

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Anagrams can be useful by helping a child or student become aware of both spelling and spelling patterns. List of Anagram Words We categorized each anagram into 3 categories: easy, medium and hard. We hope this information will [...]

A palindrome is a word that can be read the same way forward and backward. List of Palindromes Below please find a list of palindromes. If we missed one, please use our comment form to let us know. aha eye peep Anna gag pep bib hah pop bob Hannah racecar civic kayak radar dad level [...]

An emordnilap (palindrome spelled backwards) is a word that can be read differently in reverse – it is read one way forward and another way backwards. They are sometimes referred to as a reverse pair. Reverse Pairs (Emordnilap Words) Below please find a list of reverse pairs. If we missed one, please use our comment [...]