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Types of Sentences

Words are combined to form sentences. At a minimum every sentence must contain a noun (or pronoun) and a verb.

Kinds of Sentences

There are four types of sentences – each type has a function and specific use.

Declarative Sentence

  • Function: TELLS
  • Use: makes a statement, gives information
  • Ends with a period
  • Examples: I like to eat my vegetables. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.

Interrogative Sentence

  • Function: ASKS
  • Use: asks a question
  • Ends with question mark
  • Examples: Where are you going? Why do I need to take a bath?

Exclamatory Sentence

  • Function: EXCLAIMS
  • Use: expresses strong feelings
  • Ends with an exclamation point
  • Examples: We won the baseball game! The building is on fire!

Imperative Sentence

  • Function: COMMANDS
  • Use: to order, tells someone to do something
  • Ends with a period
  • Examples: Clean your room. Do the dishes.
  • Types of Sentences Worksheet

    This fun worksheet is ideal for a child in an early elementary grade, e.g., first or second grade. It offers short funny sentences to help a child work on determining the type of sentences and then selecting the appropriate punctuation. We offer a short explanation as to when to use the three choices of punctuation: period, exclamation point and question mark. We also animated them to make it entertaining for a child. Click here for a PDF of this type of sentences worksheet.

    Source: Rachel Carson Elementary School (2011 – 2012)

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