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Summary for Elementary Grades

A summary is a brief statement about the main points; it is typically a third to a quarter of the original text. A summary tells the most important ideas so avoid asking questions and using a dialogue.

Contents of a Summary

* Tells the main idea or most important ones.
* Provides necessary and relevant details to support the main idea.
* Be brief and to the point.
* Reflects only on what is in the passage; do not add any information or commentary that was not part of the original text.
* Includes vocabulary specific to the topic.
* Write it using your own words; do not copy long phrases or sentences.
* Write in logical order; put the information in the same order as the text.

When applicable, a summary should include the main characters, setting, important plot events, problems and solutions and author’s theme.

Don’t forget to check for correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Use different types of sentences and make sure no 2 sentences begin with the same 2 words.

Graphic Organizer for a Summary

This graphic organizer was used by my son to write a summary about penguins.

Subject: Penguins

Main Idea: Penguins are flightless birds that live in different parts of the world.

Then, he listed numerous details to support his main idea, e.g., some live in warm places and some live in cold places like Antarctica. We offer a free PDF of this graphic organizer -summary.
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