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A genre is a class or a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a distinctive particular style, form or content.

Literary Genre

There are many different types of writing. Literary genre refers to the different categories of written material. We listed four broad categories below.

A written work that tells a story through characters, dialogue and action; it’s usually a serious story filled with conflicts and emotions.
Stories about characters, settings and events that the writer invents, using imagination. It may be based on real places, people or events, however it is not a true, factual story (Hint: Fiction = False).
Stories based on facts or real events and people. Nonfiction uses real people, a setting and a plot to convey actual events (Hint: Nonfiction = Not False).
A writing that typically involves figurative language and rhythm; it typically contains verses, rhythmic and imagery. It usually has form and expresses ideas and feelings through words.

Fiction Genre

This genre contains works of literature that are not true.

A fictional story that includes elements that are highly imaginative and impossible; it uses strange or unusual characters, plots and setting, e.g., talking animals and magical powers.
A fictional story with characters and events in a historical setting, it is set in the past.
It is a suspenseful, fictional story about puzzling event, e.g., discovering secrets or solving crimes. Most stories are not solved until the end.
A fictional story often set in the present that could actually happen. Some events, people and places may be real; the story although untrue had all the possibilities of happening. The characters, setting and plot are believable.
A fictional story based on fantasy using science-related matters and technology. It is usually set in the future or on another planet.
Stories that are passed down from one group to another.

Traditional Literature

This genre contains works of literature that has been passed down.

Stories that are not true but often times teach a lesson. These stories contain animals that speak and act like people.
Simple stories about fairies or magical creatures. The intended audience is typically a child.
Made up stories of people or “folk” that are handed down by word of mouth.
Old stories that are widely believed but cannot be proved to be true; they lack factual basis.
Legendary stories used to explain nature or religion. They often feature heroes or supernatural beings.
Stories containing unbelievable elements; blatant exaggerations or superheroes that do impossible things with ease.

Nonfiction Genre

This genre contains works of literature that discuss real people, places and events.

A story about a real person’s life written by that person.
A story about a real person written by another person.
Texts that provide facts about a variety of topics, e.g., sports, animals.

Musical Genre

Alternative Electronic Opera
Blues Hip Hop / Rap Pop
Children’s Music Holiday R&B
Classical Inspirational / Christian Reggae
Country Instrumental Rock
Dance Jazz

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