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2nd Grade Writing Rubric

Writing rubric assess the quality of a child’s writing. In second grade the terminology changes from writing to BCR, an acronym for brief constructed response. The second grade teacher establishes the criteria for each level and grades a child using a score of 3 (excellent) to 0 (not so good).

Second Grade Rubric

The table below presents an itemized list of the guidelines used to determine the score a child will given on his BCR. This guidelines should be clearly communicated with each student and the teacher should demonstrate examples of BCRs at each level to promote self-monitoring.

Score Criteria Words of Encouragement
  • Student’s response answered the question completely.
  • Student used two details from the book or story to support answer.
  • Student wrote complete sentences and
    TTQA – turned the question around.
Great Job!
  • Student’s response answered the question.
  • Student only used one detail from the text.
  • Student did not completely explain answer or provide enough details to support answer.
Almost there!
  • Student’s response showed very little understanding of the text.
  • Student may understand the text, but uses little or incorrect information from the text to answer the question.
Keep on trying!
  • Student’s response does not answer the question.
  • Student does not demonstrate an understanding of the text.
Don’t give up,
you can do it!

Simplified 2nd Grade Writing Rubric

Our teacher also uses the following simplied 2nd grade writing rubric.

Points Criteria
1 TTQA with a correct answer
1 1st smart cookie supports TTQA
1 2nd smart cookie supports TTQA

The above rubrics allows for a total possible score of 3 points. This is typically displayed on the BCR answer sheet in the top right corner. In addition, the following checklist is located at the bottom:

  • Use TTQA?
  • Use smart cookie phrases?
  • Includes 2 examples to support answer?
  • Check for spelling and puncuation?
  • Check to see if your answer makes sense?

A child should always reread her answer to check for the above items.

Writing rubric provide the perfect assessment tool to grade a student’s response to a writing, BCR. It’s a great tool that it offers feedback on a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

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