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Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates or suggests a natural sound; it resembles the sound or noise it depicts, e.g., oink, meow. These words greatly assist writers when describing the sounds for actions in both stories and poems.

Example of Onomatopoeia

We have over 240 onomatopoeias listed below. The word, onomatopoeia, originated from the Greek language and means “name making.”

Examples of Onomatopoeia

aaaaah clang hush splash
ah choo clank jabber splat
ahem clap jangle splish-splash
arf arf clash jingle sploosh
argh clatter ka-blam splutter
aw click kerchoo sputter
baa clickity clack kerplunk squeak
ba-da-bam clink klomp squeal
ba-da-bing clip clop knock squish
bah clomp knock-knock stomp
bam cluck lisp swish
bang conk lub-dub swoosh
bang-bang coo meow szhoom
bark crack mew thrum
bash crackle moan thud
bawl crackling moo thump
bay crash mumble thwap
beep creak murmur tick tock
beep-beep crinkle neigh tinkle
belch croak oink tom tom
bing crunch oops toot
bing-bong cuckoo ooze twang
blab ding dong ouch tweet
blabber ding-a-ling patter twitter
blare ding-ding peal varoom
blast drip peep va-va-voom
blather drone phew wahoo
bleat drop ping wail
bleep dum-dum-
pitter patter whack
bling eek plink wham
blink fizz plop whang
blop fizz fizz plop, plop,
fizz, fizz
blubber flap pop whimper
blurt flip flop pow whine
boing flump puff whir
bong flutter puff puff whirr
bonk giggle purr whish
boo glub-glub puttputt whiz
boo-hoo gong quack whoo whoo
boom goosh rat a tat whoop
boom-boom-bang grate rattle whoopee
bow-wow grind ring whoosh
braap groan ring-a-ling woof woof
bray growl rip wop
brrrrh grunt roar wow
brrrring guffaw rumble wowee
bump gurgle rush yahoo
burble gush rustle yech
burp hahaha screech yelp
bur-ring harrumph shriek yikes
buzz hee haw sigh yip
caw hiccup sizzle yippity yap
cheep hiss slop yuck
chirp ho-hum slurp yum
chirrup honk slush yum-yum
chitter hoot smack zap
chomp howl smash zing
choo choo huff snap zip
chug huff ‘n puff sniff zonk
chug chug hum sniffle zoom
chuga-chuga hurrah snort zzzzzzzzz

Source Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

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