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An oxymoron is a figure of speech that uses words with contradictory or clashing ideas next to each other. They appear frequently in printed material, e.g. newspapers and magazines.

Example of an Oxymoron

Here are some of our favorites.

accidentally on purpose literal interpretation
accurate estimate little giant
act naturally live recording
adult child living dead
advanced BASIC living death
advanced beginner loud whisper
a fine mess love-hate relationship
almost exact make haste slowly
alone together military intelligence
approximately equal minor crisis
awfully good minor disaster
bad luck musical comedy
bankrupt millionaire near miss
bittersweet never again
black gold new antiques
civil engineer new classic
clearly confused new routine
clearly misunderstood now then
clever fool old news
completely unfinished only choice
constant change open secret
constant variable organized mess
crash landing original copy
criminal justice passive aggressive
curved line plastic glasses
deafening silence plastic silverware
definite maybe plastic straw
deliberate mistake poor little rich girl
even odds pretty ugly
exact estimate random order
expert amateur real-life fairy tale
extinct life resident alien
first annual rolling stop
found missing same difference
free love science fiction
free slave serious fun
free trade seriously funny
freezer burn sleepwalk
fresh frozen steel wool
genuine imitation student teacher
global village sun shade
good grief sweet sorrow
graduate student sweet tart
Great Depression synthetic natural gas
honest crook tragic comedy
hopelessly optimistic unbiased opinion
increasing declines virtual reality
inside out wise fool
jumbo shrimp wordless book
larger half work party
little big working holiday
liquid crystal working vacation
liquid gas young old person

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