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5th Grade Words

Many schools implement vocabulary instruction in either third or fourth grade. They typically provide students with a list of 10 – 15 words that they are expected to learn.

5th Grade Vocabulary Words

Our school introduced the following vocabulary words in fifth grade. They also work on structural analysis of words through our spelling program which focuses on words containing prefixes and suffixes. It also focuses on content specific words, e.g. science and social studies words as well as personal words which are words unique to each child (ones they typically misspell). For a list of spelling words, please visit our 5th grade spelling words section. Our school alternates between vocabulary and spelling words every week; tests are administered every Friday.

abdicate equivalent painstaking
abolish erode pardon
absurd erupt pasture
accelerate escalate patient
access establish pedestrian
accommodate evade penetrate
accomplish evident perish
accurate exasperate petrify
accustom excavate pledge
afflict exert population
aggressive expand portrait
agony expel predict
alert experiment prelude
altitude export premature
ample extinct preserve
ancestor extract previous
animated exult prey
anxious famine primitive
approximate fascinate proceed
aroma feeble proclaim
ascend ferocious prohibit
assemble fertile prone
assign flail prosper
associate flee protrude
assume flimsy provide
available foolhardy provoke
avalanche formal puny
banquet former purchase
barren fracture pursue
bask frigid reassure
betray frivolous rebel
beverage fume refuge
bland gale reign
blizzard gigantic reluctant
boisterous gorge remote
bondage grim require
brace guardian resemble
brilliant hangar restrict
brittle harbor resume
budge harsh retain
bungle harvest retire
burden heroic revert
burly hew revive
carcass hilarious ridicule
cargo hoist rigid
carnivore horizon riot
cask hostile ripple
catapult huddle rouse
celebrate idle route
challenge illuminate saunter
character immense scald
cluster indignant seldom
colony inflict sensation
combine intense sever
companion intercept significant
compassion introduce slither
compatible investigate sluggish
compensate jest snout
comply jostle soar
comprehend jubilation solitary
conceal jubilee solo
concept kin somber
confident liberate sparse
conquer likeness spectator
consist loathe stall
consume lumber steadfast
contact lurch stimulate
convalesce lure stupendous
convince major subsequent
course makeshift substantial
crave maximum suffocate
crevice meager summit
cultivate meddle superior
cumbersome methodical survive
decade mimic suspend
decline minor taper
decrease mirth task
dedicate mischief taunt
delicate molten teem
denounce monstrous tempest
dense moral terminate
depart morsel terse
deposit navigation thwart
despair negotiate tolerant
desperate nonchalant topple
destination nostalgia transform
deteriorate notable translate
dictate numerous tremor
disaster oasis tropical
distract obedient unwieldy
distress obscure upbringing
dominate obsolete urban
donate obstacle vertical
dormant occasion visible
drought oppose vow
duration optimist voyage
edible option waddle
elegant outskirts wilderness
employ overdue wither
encounter overthrow yearn
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  • Thanks so much. Never thought about 5th grade having a voc./spelling/site word list. This will help many students get an edge they need to start learning these pre-5th grade. Very grateful!

    • same!! this is totally awesome!!!:)


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