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4th Grade Words

Many schools implement vocabulary instruction in either third or fourth grade; they provide students with a list of words to learn.

4th Grade Vocabulary Words

Our school introduced the following vocabulary words in fourth grade. They also work on structural analysis of words through our spelling program which focuses on words containing prefixes. For a list of spelling words, please visit our 4th grade spelling words section. Our school alternates between vocabulary and spelling words every week; tests are administered every Friday.

abrupt entertain permit
achieve equip persist
active exceed persuade
affect expose pessimist
alter famished phase
approach flexible prepare
astound forbid project
attempt forecast quaint
attend glimpse recall
benefit grace recite
burrow grove recommend
calculate hail reduce
cease hibernate reject
cherish impose remark
climate instant represent
column keen resist
complete lack respond
confuse limb revise
contempt limp scorch
contract mammoth scurry
decay master seize
destructive mature sensitive
develop migrate severe
dismay mock shallow
distribute modest sufficient
drowsy nestle surround
eager observe tower
ease parallel utter
eject paralyze venture
embrace patriot victim
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