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Long A Sound, List of Long A Words and Worksheets

Long-AThe long a sound can be spelled several ways. The magic e or final e and the open syllable are the most common ways. In addition, the long a sound can be represented in 2 vowel teams (“ai” and “ay”). Of course, there will be exceptions or odd balls- the irregular vowel team (“ei”).

Five Ways to Spell the Long A Sound

  1. Magic E (VCe or a_e)
  2. The magic E rule states when a word contains the letter “e” at the end, it is usually silent and the preceding vowel says its name (long sound), e.g., cake and date.

  3. Vowel Team – AI
  4. The vowel team rule states when two vowels go walking the first does the talking and the second vowel is silent. The combination of both an “a” and an “i” (double vowels) results in the long a sound. There are many AI words, e.g., maid, brain and paint.

  5. Vowel Team – AY
  6. As noted above, when two vowels go walking the first does the talking. The combination of both an “a” and “y” can result in the long a sound. The AY words, e.g., day and say, are not as plentiful as the AI words.

  7. Irregular Vowel Team – EI
  8. The vowel team rule states when two vowels go walking the first does the talking and the second vowel is silent. Like most things in life, there are exceptions. The combination of the vowels “e” and “i” can result in the long a sound, e.g., eight, sleigh, neigh and weigh.

  9. Open Syllable – Long A
  10. An open syllable occurs when a vowel is at the end of the syllable (it is not closed by a consonant), e.g., A/pril and ha/zy.

Long A Words

The table below contains 169 long A words. The words are categorized into one of the five ways the long a sound can be spelled – Magic E Rule, Vowel Teams (2), Irregular Vowel Team and Open Syllable.

Long A Words
Word Family / Sound
ableOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
aceMagic E Rule-ace
acornOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
acreOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
afraidOpen Syllable Rule /
Vowel Team - AI
initial sound /
ageMagic E Rule-age
agentOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
ailVowel Team - AI-ail
aimVowel Team - AI-aim
aleMagic E Rule-ale
angelOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
apeMagic E Rule-ape
apexOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
apricotOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
AprilOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
apronOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
AsiaOpen Syllable Ruleinitial sound
ateMagic E Rule-ate
babyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
badeMagic E Rule-ade
bailVowel Team - AI-ail
baitVowel Team - AI-ait
bakeMagic E Rule-ake
baleMagic E Rule-ale
baneMagic E Rule-ane
baseMagic E Rule-ase
basicOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
basisOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
basteMagic E Rule-aste
bayVowel Team - AY-ay
bladeMagic E Rule-ade
blameMagic E Rule-ame
blazeMagic E Rule-aze
braceMagic E Rule-ace
braidVowel Team - AI-aid
brainVowel Team - AI-ain
braiseVowel Team - AI-aise
brakeMagic E Rule-ake
braveMagic E Rule-ave
brayVowel Team - AY-ay
cageMagic E Rule-age
cakeMagic E Rule-ake
cameMagic E Rule-ame
caneMagic E Rule-ane
capeMagic E Rule-ape
caseMagic E Rule-ase
caveMagic E Rule-ave
chainVowel Team - AI-ain
chaiseVowel Team - AI-aise
chaseMagic E Rule-ase
chasteMagic E Rule-aste
claimVowel Team - AI-aim
clayVowel Team - AY-ay
craneMagic E Rule-ane
crateMagic E Rule-ate
craveMagic E Rule-ave
crazeMagic E Rule-aze
crazyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
daleMagic E Rule-ale
dameMagic E Rule-ame
dateMagic E Rule-ate
DaveMagic E Rule-ave
dayVowel Team - AY-ay
dazeMagic E Rule-aze
detailVowel Team - AI-ail
drainVowel Team - AI-ain
drakeMagic E Rule-ake
drapeMagic E Rule-ape
eightIrregular Vowel Team - EI-
enableOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
equatorOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
explainVowel Team - AI-ain
faceMagic E Rule-ace
fadeMagic E Rule-ade
failVowel Team - AI-ail
faintVowel Team - AI-aint
fakeMagic E Rule-ake
fameMagic E Rule-ame
fateMagic E Rule-ate
fazeMagic E Rule-aze
flailVowel Team - AI-ail
flakeMagic E Rule-ake
flameMagic E Rule-ame
flavorOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
frailVowel Team - AI-ail
frameMagic E Rule-ame
frayVowel Team - AY-ay
gageMagic E Rule-age
GailVowel Team - AI-ail
gainVowel Team - AI-ain
gaitVowel Team - AI-ait
galeMagic E Rule-ale
gameMagic E Rule-ame
gapeMagic E Rule-ape
gateMagic E Rule-ate
gaveMagic E Rule-ave
gayVowel Team - AY-ay
gazeMagic E Rule-aze
gladeMagic E Rule-ade
glazeMagic E Rule-aze
graceMagic E Rule-ace
gradeMagic E Rule-ade
grainVowel Team - AI-ain
grapeMagic E Rule-ape
grateMagic E Rule-ate
graveMagic E Rule-ave
gravyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
grayVowel Team - AY-ay
grazeMagic E Rule-aze
hailVowel Team - AI-ail
haleMagic E Rule-ale
hasteMagic E Rule-aste
hateMagic E Rule-ate
hayVowel Team - AY-ay
hazeMagic E Rule-aze
hazyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
jadeMagic E Rule-ade
jailVowel Team - AI-ail
JakeMagic E Rule-ake
JaneMagic E Rule-ane
jayVowel Team - AY-ay
KateMagic E Rule-ate
labelOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
laborOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
laceMagic E Rule-ace
ladleOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
ladyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
laidVowel Team - AI-aid
lainVowel Team - AI-ain
lakeMagic E Rule-ake
lameMagic E Rule-ame
laneMagic E Rule-ane
lateMagic E Rule-ate
layVowel Team - AY-ay
lazyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
maceMagic E Rule-ace
madeMagic E Rule-ade
maidVowel Team - AI-aid
mailVowel Team - AI-ail
maimVowel Team - AI-aim
mainVowel Team - AI-ain
makeMagic E Rule-ake
maleMagic E Rule-ale
maneMagic E Rule-ane
mateMagic E Rule-ate
mayVowel Team - AY-ay
mazeMagic E Rule-aze
nailVowel Team - AI-ail
nameMagic E Rule-ame
napeMagic E Rule-ape
navyOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
nayVowel Team - AY-ay
neighIrregular Vowel Team - EI-eigh
obtainVowel Team - AI-ain
okayVowel Team - AY-ay
paceMagic E Rule-ace
pageMagic E Rule-age
paidVowel Team - AI-aid
pailVowel Team - AI-ail
painVowel Team - AI-ain
paintVowel Team - AI-aint
paleMagic E Rule-ale
paneMagic E Rule-ane
paperOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
pasteMagic E Rule-aste
paveMagic E Rule-ave
payVowel Team - AY-ay
placeMagic E Rule-ace
plainVowel Team - AI-ain
planeMagic E Rule-ane
plateMagic E Rule-ate
playVowel Team - AY-ay
potatoOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
praiseVowel Team - AI-aise
prayVowel Team - AY-ay
quailVowel Team - AI-ail
quaintVowel Team - AI-aint
quakeMagic E Rule-ake
quayVowel Team - AY-ay
raceMagic E Rule-ace
radioOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
rageMagic E Rule-age
raidVowel Team - AI-aid
railVowel Team - AI-ail
rainVowel Team - AI-ain
raiseVowel Team - AI-aise
rakeMagic E Rule-ake
rateMagic E Rule-ate
raveMagic E Rule-ave
rayVowel Team - AY-ay
razeMagic E Rule-aze
relationOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
remainVowel Team - AI-ain
sageMagic E Rule-age
sailVowel Team - AI-ail
saintVowel Team - AI-aint
saleMagic E Rule-ale
sameMagic E Rule-ame
saneMagic E Rule-ane
saveMagic E Rule-ave
sayVowel Team - AY-ay
scaleMagic E Rule-ale
scrapeMagic E Rule-ape
shadeMagic E Rule-ade
shakeMagic E Rule-ake
shaleMagic E Rule-ale
shameMagic E Rule-ame
shapeMagic E Rule-ape
shaveMagic E Rule-ave
skateMagic E Rule-ate
slainVowel Team - AI-ain
slaveMagic E Rule-ave
slayVowel Team - AY-ay
sleighIrregular Vowel Team - EI-eigh
snailVowel Team - AI-ail
snakeMagic E Rule-ake
spaceMagic E Rule-ace
spadeMagic E Rule-ade
SpainVowel Team - AI-ain
sprainVowel Team - AI-ain
sprayVowel Team - AY-ay
stageMagic E Rule-age
stainVowel Team - AI-ain
stakeMagic E Rule-ake
staleMagic E Rule-ale
stateMagic E Rule-ate
stationOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
staveMagic E Rule-ave
stayVowel Team - AY-ay
strainVowel Team - AI-ain
straitVowel Team - AI-ait
strayVowel Team - AY-ay
swayVowel Team - AY-ay
tableOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
tableclothOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
tailVowel Team - AI-ail
taintVowel Team - AI-aint
takeMagic E Rule-ake
taleMagic E Rule-ale
tameMagic E Rule-ame
tapeMagic E Rule-ape
tasteMagic E Rule-aste
tomatoOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
traceMagic E Rule-ace
tradeMagic E Rule-ade
trailVowel Team - AI-ail
trainVowel Team - AI-ain
traitVowel Team - AI-ait
trayVowel Team - AY-ay
vacationOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
vainVowel Team - AI-ain
vaneMagic E Rule-ane
vaporOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
vaseMagic E Rule-ase
vibrationOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
volcanoOpen Syllable Rulemedial sound
wadeMagic E Rule-ade
wageMagic E Rule-age
wailVowel Team - AI-ail
wainVowel Team - AI-ain
waitVowel Team - AI-ait
wakeMagic E Rule-ake
waneMagic E Rule-ane
wasteMagic E Rule-aste
waveMagic E Rule-ave
wayVowel Team - AY-ay
weighIrregular Vowel Team - EI-eigh
whaleMagic E Rule-ale
x-rayVowel Team - AY-ay

Long A Worksheets

We created 30 worksheets to assist a child in learning the various ways the long A sound can be spelled.

Long A Worksheets
Long A Words
Magic E Worksheet 1lace, face, pace & race
Magic E Worksheet 2cage, page & stage
Magic E Worksheet 3bake, cake, make, rake, take & snake
Magic E Worksheet 4came, game, name, same, flame & blame
Magic E Worksheet 5made, trade & grade
Magic E Worksheet 6Jane, crane, cane & plane
Magic E Worksheet 7cape, gape, tape, grape & ape
Magic E Worksheet 8date, fate, late & gate
Magic E Worksheet 9haste, paste, waste & taste
Magic E Worksheet 10Dave, cave, gave & wave
Magic E Worksheet 11male, sale, scale & whale
Magic E Worksheet 12chase, case, base & vase
Magic E Worksheet 13daze, faze, maze, graze & blaze
AI worksheet 1laid, raid, staid, maid, paid & braid
AI worksheet 2hail, mail, tail & pail
AI worksheet 3jail, bail, fail & wail
AI worksheet 4Gail, quail, flail & trail
AI worksheet 5rail, nail, sail & snail
AI worksheet 6gain, main, pain, rain & vain
AI worksheet 7chain, brain, plain, grain & train
AY Worksheet 1 bay, ray, day, say & okay
AY worksheet 2hay, jay, may, lay, way & pay
AY worksheet 3spray, gray, stray, pray & tray
AY worksheet 4 clay, play, sway, stay & x-ray
AY worksheet 5gay, nay, quay, bray & fray
AI and AY worksheet 1pay, paid, stay, staid, lay & laid
EI Worksheet 1eight, neigh, sleigh & weigh
Homophone Worksheetate, eight, way & weigh
Open Syllable Worksheet 1able, acorn, also & April
Open Sylllable Worksheet 2baby, lady, table & gravy

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading
Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition.
San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass

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