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5th Grade “Personal” Spelling Words

Our fifth grade spelling program contains 3 components: personal words, exploration words and content words. Each category contains 5 words for a total of 15 spelling words.

5th Grade “Personal” Spelling Words List

If a child does not have any or only a few misspelled words on his writing assignments, he would select from the list below. A child should select words that will challenge her.

5th Grade Personal Spelling Words
absence criticize nickel restaurant
ache eligible ninety rough
accomplish embarrass notable scheme
across especially occasion separate
already explanation occurrence sincerely
although February opinion surprise
amateur fourth parallel thorough
argue forty peculiar though
athlete grateful privilege thought
awkward humorous probably through
because interrupt quiet tragedy
beneficial invisible quit truly
calendar loose quite weigh
category maneuver receive weird
changeable necessary recommend woman
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  • I am beginning to explore the possibility of my fifth graders each having a personal spelling list next year. How do you manage this without it becoming a huge headache? Can you use Spelling City if there is not already a list in SC? Can students create their own lists?

    • Each student manages his/her 15 spelling words. On Friday, buddy tests are performed to determine if a child can correctly spell their words. The spelling buddy is selected based on location – ideally two students who sit across from each other would be spelling buddies.


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