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3rd Grade Spelling Bee Words

The table below contains fifty third grade spelling words. These words are presented in alphabetical order and include Scripp’s practice words as well as commonly misspelled words. A child should study the spelling bee words noted below as well as content specific vocabulary and classroom spelling words.

Third Grade Spelling Bee Words

Once a child masters the list below, proceed to the next list, e.g., 4th grade spelling bee words.

babies city handle learn season
barefoot cloth happen main seven
because could happiest mice summer
between crowded honest might super
bridge edge hour pair thousand
camera eight house phone true
camping every itself piece two
cartoon family jeans playground useful
catch fellow join please without
cents fruit know quick wrap

Click here to obtain a PDF of the above third grade spelling bee words .

Spelling bees should occur in a friendly environment that promotes learning. Since, the purpose of a spelling bees is to improve a child’s spelling and vocabulary.

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