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Spelling Bee Contest

Scripps National Spelling Bee contains pages of rules and regulations. This spelling bee contest occurs over two long grueling days. This post serves to provide insight for a smaller venue, a classroom spelling bee contest.

Conducting a Spelling Bee Contest

Spelling bees assist a child in developing spelling skills and increasing vocabulary. This competitive yet friendly contest among peers should serve to motivate children.

  • Every child stands up either at their desk or forms a line in the front of the classroom.
  • The teacher says the word, uses it in a sentence and says the word one more time.
  • The speller must say the word and then spell it. Typically, a speller is not required to say the word again. However, many moons ago when I participated in spelling bee contest I was required to say the word, spell the word and say the word again. I guess that’s considered redundant today.
  • For lack of a better word, there are no “take backs”. If a child inadvertently adds a letter or skips a letter, he cannot go back and self correct or respell the word. Unfortunately, the speller is eliminated.
  • If all contestants misspell a word in a round, no one is eliminated.
  • The last contestant standing is declared a winner! This sole student correctly spelled her word in the last round.

In November our elementary school published a list of grade appropriate words that children should study to prepare for classroom spelling bees. Students are encouraged to study these words as well as content specific vocabulary and classroom spelling words. In January, our elementary school conducts individual spelling bee contests in each classroom for third, fourth and fifth grades. Two children are selected from each class. In February, two students from each class will compete in a school-wide spelling bee to determine our school’s top spellers.

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  • I want to know if my school in Nicaragua can participate.


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