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6th Grade Spelling Bee Words

The table below contains fifty sixth grade spelling words. These words are presented in alphabetical order and include Scripp’s practice words and commonly misspelled words. A child should study the sixth grade spelling bee words below prior to participating in a spelling bee. In addition, a child should also study content specific vocabulary as well as spelling words.

Sixth Grade Spelling Bee Words

Help your child succeed and offer assistance when needed, e.g., conduct a mock spelling bee.

accurate casserole enormous mildew senator
apology centipede estimate missile significant
applause chemical examine monarch solemn
article commentary exercise octopus specialty
artificial condemn extinct pharmacy straightforward
author consonant faucet piano strengthen
bargain courage fertilize population successful
beautiful denomination guidance punctuation tolerant
cabbage diamond headache routine tutor
calories dynamite immature sculpture velocity

Click here to obtain a PDF file of the above sixth grade spelling bee words.

Spelling bees promote learning; they improve a child’s spelling and vocabulary. A spelling bee is a great event that should serve to challenge a child in a competitive yet fun environment.

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