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5th Grade Spelling Bee Words

The table below contains fifty fifth grade spelling words in alphabetical order, which includes Scripp’s practice words and words that are commonly misspelled. A child should study the spelling bee words noted below in preparation for a spelling bee. A child should also study content specific vocabulary and spelling words.

Fifth Grade Spelling Bee Words

Once a child can correctly spell all the fifty words noted below, proceed to the next list, e.g., 6th grade spelling bee words.

applause coffee exercise ounce squeeze
author consonant extinct piano straightforward
avenue continent furnace plural strengthen
bargain courage guard population suggest
beautiful dangerous headache receive surround
brighten diamond holiday sculpture terrible
cabbage enormous imagine semifinal thought
calories estimate laundry senator towel
cancel exact missile solemn treasure
celebration examine octopus specialty urgent

Click here to obtain a PDF file of the above fifth grade spelling bee words.

Spelling bees help children enhance their spelling, broaden their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop proper English usage. Place emphasis on having fun and enjoying the challenge of a spelling bee not on who wins or loses.

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