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4th Grade Spelling Bee Words

The table below contains fifty fourth grade spelling words in alphabetical order, which includes Scripp’s practice words and words that are often misspelled. A child should study the words noted below in preparation for a spelling bee. Teachers may also provide students with content specific vocabulary and classroom spelling words.

Fourth Grade Spelling Bee Words

Once a child can spell all the words on the list below, proceed to the next list, e.g., 5th grade spelling bee words.

avenue continent furnace might suggest
babies could guard ounce surround
because crowded handle piece terrible
between dangerous happiest playground thought
brighten edge holiday please thousand
camera eight honest plural towel
cancel exact hour receive treasure
cartoon family imagine season true
celebration fellow itself semifinal urgent
coffee fruit laundry squeeze useful

Click here to obtain a PDF file of the above fourth grade spelling bee words.

Spelling bees promote learning and emphasis should be placed on conducting a fun competitive game not on the best or worst speller. Everyone who participates in a spelling bee is a winner – they are improving both their spelling and vocabulary.

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