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Prefix Under-

The prefix, under- , implies too little; below.

Words with the Prefix Under-

Word Definition
underarm under the arm or in the armpit
underbrush shrubs and small trees growing among large trees
underclothes underwear; clothes worn under outer clothes
undercooked not cooked enough
undercurrent the flow of water that moves below the surface
underdog a person or team thought to have little chance of winning
underestimate undervalue, to minimize
underfoot under the foot or feet; on the ground; underneath or below
undergarment a garment to be worn under another
undergraduate a student at college who has not received a bachelor’s degree
underground (1) below the surface of the earth (2) In secrecy
undergrowth low growth on the floor of a forest
that includes shrubs, herbs and saplings
underhand (1) not open and aboveboard; secret and crafty
(2) executed with the hand below the level of the
shoulder and the palm turned upward and forward
underlie to lie or be located under
underline to draw a line under a word or words
undermine to weaken little by little
underneath below a surface or object
undernourished given too little food for proper health and growth
underpants underwear worn on the lower part of the body
under part the lower part or side
underpass a road or passage that runs under something
underprivileged having fewer advantages than others
especially because of being poor
underrate to rate or evaluate too low; undervalue
underscore underline, emphasize
undersea being or done under the sea or under the surface of the sea
undershirt a collarless garment with or without sleeves
that is worn as an undergarment
underside the side or surface lying underneath
understatement a statement that makes something seems
smaller or less important or serious than it is
understudy an actor who is prepared to take over
another actor’s part if necessary
undertone a low or quiet voice
undertow a current beneath the surface of the water that
moves away from or along the shore while the
surface water above it moves towards the shore
undervalue to value below the real worth
underwater (1) existing or occurring under water
(2) designed to be used under water
underwear clothing worn next to the skin and under other clothing
underweight weighing less than what is normal, average or necessary
underworld (1) the world of crime (2) a region below the
surface, as of the earth or a body of water

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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