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Prefixes Fore

The prefix, – fore, implies before (earlier), e.g., foresee, at the front (in front), e.g. foreleg, and the front part of something, e.g., forearm.

Words with the Prefix Fore-

Word Definition
forearm the part of the arm between the elbow and wrist
forebear ancestor, forefather
foreboding a feeling that something bad is about to happen
forecast to predict something in the future
forecastle the forward part of the upper deck of a ship
forefather ancestor, a person of an earlier period
forefinger index finger
forefoot one of the front feet of an animal with four feet
forefront the most important part or position
forego variant of forgo
foregoing going before; already mentioned
foregone previous, past
something felt to be sure to happen
foreground the part of a picture or scene that seems to be closest;
in front of the person looking at it
forehand a stroke in sports, e.g., tennis, using a racket –
the palm of the hand is turned in the direction in which
the hand is moving (the racket is in front of your body)
forehead the part of the face above the eyes
foreleg a front leg of an animal
forelimb an arm, fin, wing or leg that is located
towards the front of the body
foreman the leader of a group of workers
foremast the mast (long pole) nearest the bow (front) of the ship
foremost most important; first in time, place or order
forenoon morning
forerunner one that comes before especially as a sign of another coming
foresee to see or know about before hand
foreshadow to give a hint of beforehand
foresight the ability to see what will or might happen in the future
forestall to keep out, interfere with or prevent by steps taken in advance
foretell to tell of something before it happens
forethought careful planning or thinking for the future
forewarn to warn in advance
foreword preface

Source: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

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