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Prefix Mono-

The prefix, mono- and mon-, implies one, single or alone.

Words with the Prefix Mono- and Mon-

We created the list of words with the prefix mono- and mon- by referencing two dictionaries: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary and Merriam-Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary. We limited these words to those most appropriate for a child in grades 5 through 8 or ages 10 through 14.

monarcha person who rules over a kingdom or empire (adj. monarchical)
monarchismthe laws of the monarchical government; belief and support in these laws (n. monarchist)
monarchytotal rule by one person
monitora student appointed to assist a teacher
monka male member of a religious community who relinquishes worldly possessions, remains poor and unmarried, and obeys the laws of his community (adj. monkish)
monochromea painting, drawing or photograph in a single color (adj. monochromatic)
monoclean eye glass for one
monocota group of flowering plants, e.g., palm and grass, having an embryo with a single cotyledon and usually leaves with parallel veins and flower parts in groups of 3 (also monocotyledon)
monocularof, pertaining to, or for the use of only one eye
monocytea large white blood cell that is formed in the bone marrow and travels to the connective tissues where it develops into a macrophage
monogamymarriage with one person
monolitha single great stone often in the form of a monument or column
(adj. monolithic)
monologuea long speech delivered by one person (also monolog)
monophonicof or relating to sound recording or reproduction involving a single transmission path
monoplanean airplane with only one set of wings
monopolya business or service that is controlled by one company or person;
complete control over the goods or services of an entire market
(n. monopolist, adj. monopolistic, v. monopolize)
monoraila single rail serving as a track for cars; a railway system using only one rail
monosaccharidea sugar that cannot be split into simpler sugars
monosyllablea word with one syllable
monotheismthe belief that there is only one God (n. monotheist adj. monotheistic)
monotonea sound that has one tone; a series of syllables, words or sentences on one unchanging pitch or key
monotonousuttered or sounded in one unchanging tone
monounsaturatedcontaining one double or triple bond per molecule, used especially of an oil, fat or fatty acid
monoxidean oxide containing only one oxygen atom in the molecule
monseigneura high-ranking Frenchman, e.g., prince or archbishop, used as a title
monsieurused as a title for a Frenchman
monsignorused as a title for a Roman Catholic priest
monsteran animal or plant of abnormal form or structure
monthone of the 12 parts of the year (adj. monthly)
monument(1) a building, pillar, stone or statue honoring a person or event
(2) a work, saying or deed that lasts or is worth saving
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