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Prefix Dys-

The prefix, dys-, indicates abnormal, impaired, difficult or bad.

Words with the Prefix Dys-

Word Definition
dyscrasia an abnormal bodily condition caused by poisons in the blood
dysentery a disease marked especially by severe
bloody diarrhea (adj. dysenteric)
dysfunction not performing normally, as an organ or
structure of the body; malfunctioning (adj. dysfunctional)
dysgenic pertaining to or causing deterioration of hereditary qualities
dysgenics the biological study of the factors producing
degeneration in offspring
dysgraphia impairment of the ability to write
dyskinesia difficulty or abnormality in performing
voluntary muscular movements (adj. dyskinetic)
dyslexia a learning disability: impairment of
the ability to read (adj. dyslexic)
dyslogistic conveying disapproval or censure; not complimentary
or eulogistic (adv. dyslogistically)
dysmenorrhea difficult or painful menstruation
dyspepsia disturbed or impaired digestion; indigestion (n. dyspepsy)
dyspeptic 1. pertaining to, subject to or suffering from dyspepsia
2. gloomy, pessimistic and irritable disposition
(adj. dyspeptically)
dysphagia difficulty in swallowing.
dysphasia impairment of speech and verbal comprehension
esp. when associated with a brain injury (adj. dysphasic)
dysphemism the substitution of a harsh, disparaging, or unpleasant expression for a more neutral one. (adj. dysphemistic)
dysphonia any disturbance of normal vocal function;
difficulty in speaking (adj. dysphonic)
dysphoria a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety,
restlessness, or fidgeting (adj. dysphoric)
dysplasia abnormal growth or development of cells,
tissue, bone, or an organ (adj. dysplastic)
dyspnea difficult or labored breathing (adj. dyspneic)
dyspnoea difficulty in breathing or in catching the breath (adj. dyspnoic)
dysprosium a rare-earth metallic element,
highly reactive and paramagnetic –
used in nuclear research
dysrhythmia a disturbance of rhythm, as of speech or of brain
waves recorded by an electroencephalograph
dystaxia lack of muscular coordination resulting in
shaky limb movements and unsteady gait
dysteleology the doctrine of purposelessness in nature
dystocia abnormal, slow, or difficult childbirth, usually because of
disordered or ineffective contractions of the uterus
dystonia abnormal tone of any tissue (adj. dystonic)
dystopia an imaginary place of total misery (adj. dystopian)
dystrophy 1. faulty or inadequate nutrition or development
2. any of a number of disorders characterized by weakening,
degeneration, or abnormal development of muscle
(adj. dystrophic)
dysuria difficult or painful urination (adj.dysuric)
dysarthria any of certain disorders of articulation, as
stammering or stuttering, caused by a nerve defect
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