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EA Spelling Words

The combination of the vowels “e” and “a” typically result in a long e sound. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, e.g., bread and wealth, which result in a short e sound. The exceptions are noted in a separate table below.EA-Exception

The ”ee” spelling words and “ea” spelling words” make the long e sound. We created long e worksheets to help a child learn how to spell these words correctly.

Vowel Team Rule (Long Vowel Digraphs):
When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. The first vowel says its name and the second vowel is silent.

EA Spelling Words

The table below was compiled using the following word families: -ea, -each, -ead, -eak, -eal, -eam, -ean, -eap, -ear, -east, -eat, and -eave.

EA Words
Word Family
beach-eachlong e
bead-eadlong e
beak-eaklong e
beam-eamlong e
bean-eanlong e
beast-eastlong e
beat-eatlong e
bleach-eachlong e
bleak-eaklong e
bleat-eatlong e
breach-eachlong e
cheap-eaplong e
cheat-eatlong e
clean-eanlong e
clear-earlong e (r-vowel)
cleat-eatlong e
cleave-eavelong e
creak-eaklong e
cream-eamlong e
deal-eallong e
dean-eanlong e
dear-earlong e (r-vowel)
dream-eamlong e
fear-earlong e (r-vowel)
feast-eastlong e
feat-eatlong e
flea-ealong e
freak-eaklong e
gear-earlong e (r-vowel)
gleam-eamlong e
glean-eanlong e
heal-eallong e
heap-eaplong e
hear-earlong e (r-vowel)
heat-eatlong e
heave-eavelong e
Jean-eanlong e
knead-eadlong e
leach-eachlong e
lead-eadlong e
leak-eaklong e
lean-eanlong e
leap-eaplong e
least-eastlong e
leave-eavelong e
meal-eallong e
mean-eanlong e
meat-eatlong e
near-earlong e (r-vowel)
neat-eatlong e
pea-ealong e
peach-eachlong e
peak-eaklong e
peal-eallong e
peat-eatlong e
plea-ealong e
plead-eadlong e
pleat-eatlong e
preach-eachlong e
reach-eachlong e
read-eadlong e
real-eallong e
ream-eamlong e
reap-eaplong e
rear-earlong e (r-vowel)
scream-eamlong e
sea-ealong e
seal-eallong e
seam-eamlong e
sear-earlong e (r-vowel)
seat-eatlong e
shear-earlong e (r-vowel)
sheave-eavelong e
smear-earlong e (r-vowel)
sneak-eaklong e
speak-eaklong e
spear-earlong e (r-vowel)
squeak-eaklong e
squeal-eallong e
steal-eallong e
steam-eamlong e
streak-eaklong e
stream-eamlong e
tea-ealong e
teach-eachlong e
teak-eaklong e
teal-eallong e
team-eamlong e
tear-earlong e (r-vowel)
treat-eatlong e
tweak-eaklong e
veal-eallong e
weak-eaklong e
wean-eanlong e
weave-eavelong e
wheat-eatlong e
year-earlong e (r-vowel)
yeast-eastlong e
zeal-eallong e

EA Spelling Words – Exceptions

The table below was compiled using the following word families: -ead, -ealth and -ear.

EA Words
Word Family
dead-eadshort e
head-eadshort e
lead-eadshort e
read-eadshort e
bread-eadshort e
dread-eadshort e
spread-eadshort e
thread-eadshort e
tread-eadshort e
health-ealthshort e
wealth-ealthshort e
stealth-ealthshort e
bear-earshort e
pear-earshort e
wear-earshort e
swear-earshort e

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading
Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition.
San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass

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